EAGLE of SHAMBHALA (chapters 1-7)


Nickolas Placebo III strolled through the foyer of his fathers’ main office snug in the confidence that only someone with his privileged background could be so cool in the face of such enormous responsibility. He had been summoned to take his place at the head of a vast empire and none would dare to challenge the pace at which he approached the critical meeting taking place fifty floors above, even if they knew who he really was. The security clearance he displayed on the lapel of his Armani pinstripe was more than adequate to repel even the most zealous of guards and knowing the code to the penthouse express lift confirmed, to any curious on-lookers, this was an entity not to be fucked with. He stepped onto the elevated arena, where the game of ultimate control was played, with the presence of a Superbowl star quarterback. Nothing was going to deter him from executing his game plan and none of the veteran executives presently sizing him up, would stand a chance in hell of manipulating the proceeding even though he was sure that was what they were thinking. Palming off any attempts to approach him, he weaved through the defensive participants of his inaugural conference to take his position at the head of the imposingly large boardroom table.

 By act of allegiance, the others dutifully positioned themselves according to rank and quietly awaited address from their new overlord; this monumental moment had been choreographed.

 ‘It’s good to finally meet with you in person,’ opened Nick as he scanned the twenty or so uniformed suits positioned before him and as none commented, he continued. ‘You all know your positions in this organization; I don’t expect any changes to procedures or protocols but one thing you will have to get used to is, the way I operate.’

 ‘And how would that be?’ asked the first shaven head to his right

 ‘Very low profile’ he answered without a pause ‘and no questions.’

 After waiting for an uncomfortable amount of time, he continued ‘Now down to business; for starters I won’t be attending anymore of these prearranged mental masturbation sessions of yours and I will expect you to move into the twenty first century as well. You will utilize you time and resources better than wasting them by commuting to and from this ivory tower. I have installed my latest software on your personal computers which will keep us all connected twenty-four-seven; you can no longer shit without me knowing about it.’

 A shockwave of dissent reverberated around the glass-sided sarcophagus they were centered in, interrupted only by a loud beeping sound from Nick’s personal communicator. He stood up and began striding towards the elevator leaving them with a final command that was stated without any eye contact.

 ‘I have to go, scurry back to your computers and we will continue this in cyberspace.’

 By the time he stepped out of the building and onto the pneumatic steps of his container office, mounted on the back of a large prime mover, he had removed his jacket and tie. Throwing them onto the floor as he entered, he instructed his secretary to make him a tequila sunrise while inter-communicating to the driver to ‘get them the hell out of this God forsaken city’. Before they had gone two blocks he had showered, finished his drink, logged onto his favourite web-site and if you thought Google earth was amazing, then his version was out of this world.


 As the first rays of the Sun cracked the dark blue skies over the Pacific Ocean, the surfers that dotted the shoreline of Australia’s most easterly point plunged into the water that surrounded the lighthouse cape that was the world famous Byron Bay. A deep low directly off the coast produced a groundswell of memorable proportions and a perfect six foot wave broke left and right off the headland which protruded well out into the antipodean marine corridor.

 A family of dolphins’ fellowshipped with the encroaching hoard of wetsuit clad board riders as a display of skills blossomed on every open face of the white capped tubes of liquid energy. If this wasn’t a true surfer’s paradise then it wasn’t far from it and if you could pry your eyes from the perfect day unfolding there was a group of Kite-surfers, towards the west, harnessing the mornings offshore wind from a pearly white beach as it emerged from the blackness of the night. Because a day like this didn’t come along all that often, a multitude of onlookers accumulated in the end of the line township clogging all exits with their cars for the whole morning.

 A film crew worked from a strategic vantage point recording the predicted display of talent and conditions. It was hard not to be impressed by the skills of the board riders but it was the kite surfers who eventually captivated all the attention, bouncing high off the tops of the seriously good waves. By the time the onshore winds began to hit, all the attention was focused on them and their high flying antics. The film crew was planning interviews when a strange looking jet powered catamaran zoomed out from behind Julian Rocks, rendezvoused with the exhausted kite surfers, sped eastward and disappeared beneath the horizon.

 Onboard, as the wetsuits were coming off and the gear was being stowed, a happy and healthy bunch of people rowdily chattered; finally plopping themselves down on the luxurious lounges of the now underwater vessel.

 ‘This boat of yours is amazing Hamish!’ exclaimed a revitalized young Buzz

 ‘It’s not a boat, it’s a ship and I told you to call me Grant.’

 ‘O.K, O.K don’t get your knickers in a twist.’

 ‘Now that’s how to start a day,’ commented Nat ‘but I’m glad we had a way out of there. Did you see that crowd on the headland?’

 ‘Yeah, we wouldn’t have gotten out of there if it hadn’t been for Grant and his ship.’ ‘Where did you get this thing from?’

 ‘I’ve had it in the planning stages for years and I’m so happy we finally get to take it for a spin.’

 ‘Do you think we are being tracked?’

 ‘Not likely, it’s completely stealth technology.’

 ‘Anyway it’s about time they knew we existed.’ Said Buzz

 ‘They know,’ replied Nat ‘they just don’t know where we exist.’

 ‘I can’t imagine they just forgot about us after our last encounter, we must have really pissed them off.’

 ‘So where are we off to?’ asked Jim (aka. James)

 Laurie stood up as if he was going to answer the question but instead launched into a statement that would have been more at home at the opening of a seminar.

 ‘Firstly I would like to thank you all for turning up on such short notice and add my approval, on rejuvenating and recreating yourselves into what I hope will be a successful team. Congratulations to Natalie and Gabriel (Buzz) on becoming a couple; considering the changes they have had to go through over the last six months, I think they have displayed amazing maturity and commitment to one another and I for one am happy to pledge my allegiance to them on matters concerning the up and coming difficulties we are bound to encounter on the mission we are embarking on.’

 At this moment the rest of the substantial crew, which had gathered around, broke into a spontaneous round of applause confirming mutual support on the maters to which Laurence was speaking. They were all looking surprisingly young and fit and rather uniform in the provided attire that had come with Captain Grant’s new ship. Someone had been working overtime on ergonomics and design co-ordination as everything had a certain style which Buzz had so aptly stated earlier ‘put Star Trek décor designers to shame.’ Laurie raised his hands in such a way as to calm the ovation down and continued with his speech.

 “May I say for those of us who are more like passengers on this vessel, to those who have worked so hard to put us on course; we salute you, well done. The main concern for the crew is to keep us below the radar; this is the most crucial aspect of our present journey and will remain so until we are safely back at base. Other than that we will be poking and prodding into the operations of Big Brother and trying to stay out of trouble. So there’s a glass of champagne for everyone and a toast to the success of our first exploratory journey before we all get back to what it is we are supposed to be doing."

  ‘To the mission!’ Said Grant as he raised his glass and encouraged all the others to do the same.

 ‘To the mission!’ Came the collective reply After the crew had finished their drinks and conversations, they receded from the lounge leaving the core group Nat, Buzz, Laurie, Grant and Jim to continue their briefing.

 ‘I repeat my question,’ said Jim ‘where are we off to?’

 ‘New Zealand’ came Laurie’s blunt reply, ‘and before you ask why, I would like to go over some facts that you may or may not know; never the less it will be good revision.’

 ‘Excellent,’ jammed in Buzz ‘I’m in the mood for a good story.’

 Laurie paused for a moment to catch his breath and slowly begun.

 ‘I would like to remind everybody who we are and what it is we stand for; a sort of mission statement, just so we will be under no misunderstandings when tough decisions have to be made.’

 The others passed quick glances in one another’s directions before Nat rose to the occasion by saying,

 ‘Just get on with it Laurie.’

 ‘As you all know, we have come together from various walks of life with different philosophies to unite our peaceful efforts into a combined force to counteract the more Orwellian aspects of the unseen, often unknown powers that, for whatever reason, tend to disregard the little man in their continuing quest for ongoing ultimate power. Some of us here used to co-exist with them in a relationship that I like to describe as rebellious little brother tolerated because of our family connections but since our last escapade, which entailed relieving them of a large sum of money, we can no longer rely on that privileged courtesy any more. Be under no misunderstandings, we are outlaws and although you won’t find our wanted posters displayed in the public domain, be assured they exist inside their secret service files. Our funds are in good shape and I will continue to administer them although in the long run we will have to keep toping them up by pursuing the things they value the most and that leads us to our present course. So whatever your personal reasons for doing what we do, I will be here to continually remind you of the cost verses reward aspects of any plans you might be considering regardless of what good reasons there might be to track in that direction.’

 ‘Jesus, Laurie, get on with it.” Said Jim, still anxious to find out where and why they are going

 ‘O.K then here it is, as we all learnt from in our last adventure, Egyptian History has an important bent in the way our adversaries go about their business. When stories of the ancient world were chiseled in stone on the walls of the temples, the legend of a Phoenix ruling emerging civilizations was well established. In their accounts, as in ours, the concept of a bird being the very representation of a creator god with us was entrenched in the conscience of the people. When the Earth was still an empty waste and darkness hung over the deep, the spirit of God hovered over the waters before breaking the silence with a piecing cry. ‘Let there be light’, was recorded as the first utterance of a creator that mankind has striven to envisage ever since. Now, if I knew of a golden artifact that is as old as time itself, which represented that concept of that god; what would you say it looked like?'

 ‘Finally we are getting to the point!’ exclaimed Buzz, breaking Laurie’s monopoly on the conversation. ‘What you are saying is we are on the trail of an artifact more important that the Ark of the Covenant or the Breastplate of Narmer.’

 ‘Yes,’ affirmed Laurie ‘and what I want to achieve at this moment is to consolidate between ourselves a mental image of what that significant artifact might look like.’

 “A Golden Falcon like the one in the movie Bogart and Bacall made famous.’ Stated Grant

 ‘A good guess,’ said Buzz ‘but that was only fiction and at best a falcon only represented Horus, a prince in the pantheon of Egyptian gods. If you had of said a Golden Heron you would have picked the symbol for the king.’

 Laurence raised his arms again, in a manner that indicated he was still in charge of his seminar, and said ‘ You are both jumping to conclusions; firstly the Maltese Falcon wasn’t only fictional, it was a real gift from the King of Malta to the King of Spain and was stolen by Pirates before it ever got there. Secondly it could not have been a Heron\ Phoenix or Benu-bird, as they called it, because that was the symbol for Osiris after he had died and represented the ability to reemerge from the underworld.’

 ‘Of course,’ chipped in Natalie ‘what we would be looking for wouldn’t be a symbol of rebirth; it would be the symbol of the ongoing, immortal, presence of God on Earth.’

 ‘Precisely,’ said Laurie ‘what we should be envisioning would be as diurnal as the sun, fly higher, swifter and preside above all others; what we are looking for is The Golden Eagle.’

 A temporary silence ensued until Buzz piped up again, ‘well that shouldn’t be too hard; don’t forget it used to be the symbol for the Roman Empire as well as every other power crazed megalomaniac since.’

 ‘That alone should tell you we are on the right track. If the Greek Egyptian rulers, the Ptolemy’s and Julius Caesar valued the golden eagle as the symbol for their divine right to rule the world then how much would the present dictatorship value having the original pre-flood artifact, representing God’s authentic rule on Earth?’

 ‘Heaps!’ Answered Jimmy

 ‘Arch, all well and said, but how does that relate to our present course?’ asked Sir Hamish (Grant) in his role as Captain

 ‘Unbeknownst to most people, New Zealand has at least two unique mysteries; a tribal heritage of Micronesian Kings that can trace their history back to the glory days of Egypt and a coven of Melchezdek priests that have gained power and influence in the current regimes eye, by their intricate knowledge of the old Egyptian religious practices.’

 ‘And you think you can turn that to our advantage in tracking down this mysterious Golden Eagle of yours.’ added Natalie

 ‘Yes, some time ago I was contacted by a representative of these north island natives who believe they have had a large cache of artifacts in their possession since they left Egypt thousands of years ago and that it might be about time they returned them to the appropriate owners, but are having a little trouble working out who that might be. Hopefully, with the help of Natalie and her newfound status, we might be able to convince them that we are honourable enough to assist them in their task.’

 ‘That’s if they don’t eat us first.’ Joked Buzz

 ‘If you don’t mind; I would like to ask you to take this seriously and spend some of the remaining time we have left, before we get there, on getting together with Nat and researching this in your unique method which gained us the advantage we needed in our last adventure.’ Finished off Laurie

 ‘Is that O.K with you Nat, that these guy’s enjoy some of the niceties I’m sure they have stashed around here while you and I go off hungry and try to make some more sense of this?’ asked Buzz

 ‘Yes,’ answered Natalie ‘I’m intrigued now and more than willing to investigate from the astral perspective.’

 ‘O.K,’ said Buzz “let’s go for it; I’m excited!’ They left it at that and with mixed signs of amusement and disapproval of Gabriel’s irreverent attitude, the couple retired to their cabin and began to prepare themselves for a meditation session that only they could perform. After showering and getting comfortable on their big bed they could almost immediately enter the deepest, chakra aligned states of altered consciousness that allowed them to do the work that was asked of them and soon they were flying over the landscape of a distant past.

 As his juggernaut of a home away from home, slash office, slotted itself into the huge transport plane and climbed high into the skies of the northern hemisphere, Mr. Placebo barely noticed he had even left the ground. His consciousness was totally engrossed in the search for his stamp of authority, focusing solely on tracking anyone who would challenge for an understanding of the keys that would open up doors to his fathers’ kingdom.

 One of the locks had been picked and his hackles were up; when two high profile pieces, knights of the big game, had been rolled in a classic sting, alarm bells rang. Nick was on red alert, digging deeper into his data banks than ever before to piece together a scenario on how they had found themselves in their present predicament. What was it they were overlooking? Step by step he retraced the events and characters that had been involved. Why were they so easily deceived? Desire to acquire objects of past glories, baubles to delight the hangers on, was this their weakness? 

While he held all the secrets of power and wielded them like a battle axe; all of a sudden, out of left field, someone has come up with a shield. It ate at him like acid on flesh. Everyone was traceable and Nick considered himself the best cyber tracker in the business and after all it was his business. So when the flags went up and an unknown craft just dropped off the radar, it required all his personal attention. The footage coming through on his V.D.U gave him the first real breakthrough, close-ups of six wet-suit clad enigmas flaunting themselves in front of the worlds’ media and then disappearing right before their eyes in a state of the art defense proto-type only a few outsiders even knew existed. Although he couldn't track it, he could eliminate places where it wouldn’t be and as he frenzied himself with boiling it down to a possible destination, his aura loomed large and bright red. His poking and prodding at the blue ray controls of his highly sophisticated super computer began to take on the outward appearance of something unworldly searching for a needle in a haystack with a pitchfork and a sickle Alarming horns were detectable by his ears only as his energy tailed off the command was bellowed, ‘NEW ZEALAND.’


The world they had entered was gloomy in a way that someone from our side of the flood would have difficulty understanding because we have never experienced anything like it. The firmament was saturated with moisture quite differently than even a prolonged European winter; the cloud was much higher and the soft diffusion of light hung like a fog. Other than that, they had manifested themselves into another fine Atlantean day.

The Sumerian basin, before it was covered with water and then deep layers of clay, was distinguishable from the modern map in that the now named Persian Gulf was more like a wide river and ran from the old city of Babylon into the Arabian Sea. It was easy to see why no evidence of a previous civilization could be found but Natalie and Buzz knew exactly what they were looking at because of the distinctive towering structures scattered around the whole area. Their familiarity with the famous towers and the abundance of hanging gardens, used as an irrigation technique, acted like a honing beacon for their search. Seeking the geographical center of this ancient swarming mass of humanity became the obvious goal and this was achieved relatively easily because the largest of the stepped structures were visible from any perimeter point of the metropolis.

The invisible presence of our adventurous couple resisted the urge to explore the unfamiliar lifestyles of the unusual occupants of this city and instead bee lined for the center of pre-flood Babylon and its more affluent rulers. As they moved closer to the palatial hub, familiar trappings of authoritarian rule became more noticeable and pointed the way ahead towards locating the more influential persons and their daily activities. Soon the visions of what could only be described as a royal court in session, dominated this sortie into the past.

Eight rays of tribal hierarchy radiated outward from the focus of this purpose built Senature. Centered and raised for effect, sat the suitably attired reigning monarch, effectively presiding over what seemed to be an important day in the lives of this council of men. While they were interacting with one another, almost bickering, a hush flooded over the crowd and without any obvious prompting a solid golden eagle, with a wingspan of three meters or more, was hoisted above the kings’ head from behind the throne.

Words saturated the entire complex as if from some unseen amplification system and had the same effect as if God had parted the clouds and boomed the instructions personally. It must have been a warning about the impending deluge because no sooner had the proclamation been made than the people started to evacuate with haste and the heavy rain began bucketing down. The King stood to leave via his own portal, followed by the eight factional leaders through theirs and this had a tidal wave effect similar to dropping a large bolder into the middle of a mill pond.

Noticeably, some of the inhabitants resisted the flow and it was towards them that Natalie and Buzz concentrated their efforts to understand what had just happened. They seemed to be the attendants to this venue and as the building emptied of its patrons, they busied themselves the way dedicated vassals do after their masters have left, by packing up the valuables and following close behind. An argument broke out over what to do with the Great Golden Eagle and this was what kept our time travellers riveted to the scene. This magnificent and weighty treasure was about to be removed from where it had obviously resided for a very long time and the right to procure it was being decided by a show of swords.

While the victors struggled over the physical task they had won the honour to perform, the vanquished rallied themselves into a force that suddenly had something else on their minds.

It was because Nat recognized some of the faces of this group from a previous foray into the past, that she decided to follow what they were doing instead of sticking with Buzz and the group he was following.

Her intuition turned out to be wise because as they moved out of the Senature, they bee-lined for the temple complex and with no real opposition, waded into a crowd of exiting worshipers like a pack of front row forwards. Soon they had the whole place to themselves and tearing back the veil to the inner sanctum revelled just what Natalie suspected was the purpose of the intrusion, the Golden Ark and our Lady wearing the Breastplate of Narmer.

Buzz followed the men who had removed the Golden Eagle from its ancient nesting place to where they loaded it on to a substantial four wheeled cart and joined a caravan of regal stature as it was hastily leaving the now obviously doomed city. The wealthiest citizens had organized an eastern express route for themselves and all they could reasonably transport on such short notice. The misty air had become heavy with rain, which was making the journey difficult but not impossible because of a well built road connecting this city with their trading partners of the Indus Valley.

The leading soldiers were just pushing people and their goods off the road and into the mud to expedite the progress of the royal caravan. Before the most privileged broke free from the pack, the cart carrying the Golden Eagle had caught up and, as Buzz would recall later, left behind the multitudes to an uncertain fate. The coastal road they were following eventually began to flood; the whole expedition turned north east onto much more dishevelled roads and as the torrential rains increased so did the dreaded mud, slowing the whole process down to a crawl but at least they were staying ahead of the rising waters which was more than you could say for those unfortunates that were left behind.

Meanwhile Nat was following the progress of Mereneith and her loyal band of followers as they gathered her and all they could carry to make their way out of the forsaken city. They headed west against the now flowing tide of waters that was washing down into the gulf; the going was hard from the very beginning of their journey, as opposed to the organize exodus that Buzz was following. It was a miracle the final four even made it to the boat that was waiting upstream for them, even though the heavy carts that were accompanying them had to be diverted to higher ground. Shem, Ham and Japheth said final farewells and made agreements on where to meet up after the rain stopped, pointing in the direction of Mt. Ararat. The last few kilometres were travelled on foot eventually hoisting their Mother onto their shoulders and wading to the now floating Noah’s Ark.

History was adrift and the future rulers of Egypt were its passengers; forty days and nights meant a very long time in the past and unfortunately those who successfully completed the mission of getting the precious artefacts to the high cave in the mountains probably perished, but before they did the treasures they carried were safely stowed in the pre-arrange place.


‘Land ahoy.’ Came the cry from the other side of the hatch that was being knocked on loudly enough to pull Nat and Buzz back into their reality; they were in Grants’ Ship heading towards N.Z.

‘We’re up, we’re up.’ Repeated Buzz, to put a stop to the confounding noise

‘Wow! What a journey we’ve had.’ Said Nat

‘Yes,’ responded Buzz ‘let’s go find the others and discuss it with them while it’s fresh in our minds.’

They quickly dressed and headed for the Galley hoping to find the others and surely enough that’s where they were stuffing themselves with cereals and lashings of freshly expressed coffee, soon they were doing the same.

‘How long till disembarking?’ asked Nat

‘About half an hour or so.’ Answered Jim as Grant indicated he had to get back to the bridge, reluctantly leaving Laurence to quiz his favourite couple on what revelations they might have to impart

‘Please tell us what you have learnt; I can see by the smirks on your faces that it is something fascinating.’

‘You’re not kidding!’ exclaimed Buzz ‘We found just what you were talking about at the heart of a pre-flood Babylon, just before it began to rain.’

‘Describe it to me.’ Said an enthusiastic Laurie

‘The wingspan must have been about three meters, the posture was that of a bird in full flight and its eyes were piercingly alive

with transparent topaz. The weight of the gold was as much as three men could lift and the quality of the workmanship was out of this world. If this artefact is still in existence and hasn’t been melted down then its value would be incalculable.’ Said Nat

‘What about its owner?’

‘The situation in this civilization seemed to be made up of at least two factions; the political arm, led by a ruling monarch and the religious patrons who gravitated towards a temple run by a priestly caste. While this latter group were guardians of the sacred items we are familiar with, it was the more secular types organized into an Enid of authoritarian rule and their king, who ultimately laid claim to the Great Golden Eagle.’

‘What happened to it?’

‘It was taken high into the mountains of north eastern Iran via a series of makeshift camps but I haven’t managed to track it any further than that on its way to a permanent nest.’

Natalie cut into Buzz’s account of their nocturnal journey and added to the overall understanding of the important nature of the structure of power that existed before the flood. ‘I followed the religious leaders which turned out to be those associated with the ones we have come to know as Noah’s crew on the Arc which survived the deluge. Their desire to follow the directions of an unseen creator god separated them from the Enid of authoritarian rule, who brought about the destruction of their world by oppressing those who chose not to worship the system of power that honoured the Golden Eagle you have us searching for, rather than honouring the Word of God which was emanating from the Oracle of the Temple, that all of us here know, from our last adventure.’

Laurence cut into the line of thought she was following ‘Yes, you are probably right about that and I’m sure we all would have been better off if they followed the wisdoms espoused, but this is not about philosophies it’s about tracking down an artefact that will benefit us in our Quest.’

‘Alright Laurie, point taken but I think it is important to understand the bi-polar nature of this division of power and how that it has continually had an ongoing effect on the world as we know it and the ones we are going to have to track if we are to understand this mystery better.’ Stated Nat

‘If you two are finished, I would like to get back to what I was saying.’ Said Buzz and since there were no objections he continued ‘I think the archaeological evidence supports the re-emergence of civilizations after the flood as being a multi-cultural affair and not just a Judaic-patriarchal one. The post-flood cradle of civilization in the area that we are interested in was referred to in the biblical record as that of the Elamites. Now Elam was a grandson of Narmer\Noah and a son of Shem, born before the flood and a possible candidate for the power struggle that ensued after the end of the thousand year reign of the Methuselah dynasty.

While most of our previous enquiries into the past centered on the world of the ancient Egyptians, I don’t think it would be very productive to concentrate our efforts in that area this time. Rather we should be looking for clues in the indigenous tribes of the Indus Valley and the hinterland that fed its famous rivers. In the real time world of resent archaeology we should be looking at the artefacts and remains of the civilizations known as the Namazgas, Hongshans and Mehrgaarh.’

‘Brilliant, Dr. Izzard you certainly know your stuff. All those years of study weren’t wasted on you.’ Commented Laurie

‘So what you are inferring,’ added Natalie ‘is that the family split between Noah\ Narmer and their descendants over who was going to govern the post-flood world was an East-West split centered around the Sumerian basin and that the Elamites were connected to the emerging Eastern cultures as well as the ones who are most likely to have had the Great Golden Eagle we are looking for.’

‘Precisely,’ answered Buzz ‘If my memory serves me well, the archaeological evidence of Iran’s interest in Elamite artefacts shows that they were a highly advanced culture who lived in the habitual areas of the real golden eagles and were the first ones to use the image on their earthenware’s and metalwork. They were the first to develop agriculture, herding of animals, weaving, writing in glyphs and producing golden artefacts of great skill. They were the first ones this side of the flood to produce pyramid-like structures and spoke one of the oldest know languages known to man.’

All these things and more evolved out of the caves and slopes of north-eastern Iran into the Zagros mountains and eventually to the Elamite capital of Susa, where they preceded the Babylon of biblical times at ruling the whole of the Sumerian basin. Simultaneously the Harappeans were developing a similar culture in the Indus Valley as their trading partners on the Persian sea. The similarities in the Proto-Elamite written language and the Dravidic script confirm the relationship between the two Arian races.

A member of the crew entered the galley from the direction of the bridge and loudly announced to the engrossed group that it was time to make their way to the stern and prepare themselves for transfer to Owhiro on the service skip that was ready to go; the captain had brought them safely into Kawhia Harbor.


Previously, at thirty thousand feet, Nicks’ secretary had enthusiastically put him to bed; she pulled a short red satin bathrobe out of a bedside draw, slipped it on to her tall slender frame and made her way to the control center which was her regular domain. If she was going to get any rest on this trip it would be when everything that could be done, had been and as it was at the moment, Nick would want answers to enquiries she was yet to make.

‘Hello Silvia, sorry to call you in the middle of the night but we are on route to your part of the world and I wanted to make sure you were up to date on the latest goss.’

‘What?’ came the sleepy reply

‘Good, I knew you wouldn’t mind. You must have heard how William and Hillary got ripped off in Africa last year; well we’re hot on the trail of the perpetrators and they are heading your way.’

‘Why are you telling me this?’

‘Because my dear; you are going to get of you fat ass and rally you coven of morons to conjure up the information Nick is going to demand before we get there or there’s going to be hell to pay.’

Well that should do the trick; she thought to herself as she severed the connection and wandered over to the fridge to extract a cold chicken. Pulling it apart with her bare hands, Elisha B Dogsbody devoured it with the ravenous appetite she always seemed to have after mad sex.


Fred, a stocky Maori with attitude, was waiting for them with a small four wheel drive, three spare seats and an explanation of the complexities in transporting them to the prearranged meeting with his tribal elder. Jim was selected to ride shotgun while Nat and Buzz contented themselves with the back seat. The others were to wait for Fred’s return if they wanted to make the journey and rather than argue with him, that’s exactly what they did. Soon, a quartet of happy travelers was bumping along a very overgrown track which slowly meandered its way to higher ground.

No matter how much they tried to pump Fred for information about this clandestine meeting, with the mysterious elder, all he would say on the matter was ‘when we get there all will be revealed’. Eventually the overgrown track opened up into a small clearing which seemed to be the end of their journey. The fourby circled around to pull up facing the direction from whence they had come; while pointing to a walking track in the undergrowth, Fred offered the first bit of info on whom they would be meeting.

‘She wants to speak to Ms. McHale and Dr. Izzard privately so you can stay outside Jim, they’ll be all right.’

‘Is that O.K with you?’ asked James

‘Sure.’ Answered Nat

‘Just keep your ears on.’ Added Buzz as they got out of the car and began heading towards the well camouflaged hut.

After a short walk, they approached a gnarled front door; Buzz attempted to knock on it but at first touch the unlocked obstacle creaked open, ‘that was spooky’ he commented

‘Come in and close the door behind you.’ Came an equally creaky voice from a shadowy figure seated at a table pushed into a corner of the badly lit one room abode.

‘I am Gabriel Izzard and this is…’

‘I know who you are, I sent for you and now you are here.’ Said a very old woman as their eyes adjusted on her.

A small hairless dog scampered out from underneath the table and began sniffing their legs.

‘Ko likes you, I haven’t seen him do that before he normally doesn’t like strangers; sit and have some tea with me.’

They obeyed and made themselves as comfortable as the two small stools would allow. Boney fingers guided the spout of an ancient teapot, stained with the tannin of countless brews, towards the cracked lips of cups already in position. Pungent vaporous odors snaked the way to their nostrils through a conglomeration of musky smells and Nat began to feel warmly welcome, as she dutifully sipped her hot beverage, in the middle of an abundance of weird paraphernalia.

As their host came more into focus, one noticed she cultivated long silver dreadlocks matted with feathers and small carvings atop her sigmoidal framework of skin and bones. Her sparse cotton covering was threadbare enough to expose to view all the tattooed flesh above table height and the effect heavy golden nipple rings had on breasts long since depleted of any nourishment, all stitched into place with lashings of multi-colored gemstones.

‘Now down to business,’ she said ‘our spirits have brought us together for an exchange of mutual benefit. You have something for me and I have something for you.’

‘I’m sorry but we didn’t bring anything with us’ apologized Buzz whilst impersonating a stunned mullet

‘SILENCE! We will commune with the great spirits within.’

Immediately the crones’ eyes went back in her head and she began emanating strange noises from her long muscular throat. It expanded and contracted viperously, forcing air in and out of her toothless mouth, producing harmonic notes of a hypnotic nature. Buzz prized his eyes away from this rare woman to pass a glance Nat’s way but she had succumbed to the seduction of the moment and was beginning to writhe in a similar way; her countenance was that of someone entranced. He started to look more like a sideshow clown as his head went back and forth between the two and with his mouth wide open, he felt himself going the same way.

He awoke as if he’d been zapped by a heart starter, aware he was walking down a long corridor of hewn stone lit by naked flames licking the walls at regular intervals for as far as the eyes could see. Without any alteration in his gait, he rotated his head almost 180 degrees to see the old woman following him looking young and beautiful in some kind of primitive costume that left little to the imagination. Before reacting he looked down at his own body, but it wasn’t; this seemed impossible but he was in no doubt about it. As if transported in time and space, here he was in a different reality and the only thing that seemed familiar was the nubile woman following him; but she wasn’t, was she?

He stopped and turned to face her, she just kept on coming until she had rammed a hot body smack into his, forcing him onto his back; he just laid there without moving until they had fully come to.

Slowly she lifted herself off him and with big smile on her face, started speaking in a language he had never heard before, but fully understood. ‘Where do you think you are?’

‘I don’t know.’ He replied in a language he’d never spoken before

‘We are about to enter the underworld kingdom of limestone caves caved out over many thousands of years by the constant erosion of the underground waters of the Waikato regions; now you will follow me.’ She turned and strode off leaving him to quickstep in order to keep the image of her tattooed backside insight.

‘Wait-a-mo!’ He yelled after her

‘You can call it that, if you want.’ Echoed the reply

They moved through the maze of passages with the ease of experienced cavers, crossing bubbling hot mud pools, stepping in limestone water at times, past enormous stalagmites and ducking under the points of ominous stalactites.

Managing to keep at least one of the many torches burning to light their way, they eventually emerged into a giant cavern with crystal-clear water filling the center of it. Amazingly enough there was a wooden barge available for them to cross the expanse so they could continue on their journey; he stepped onto it, she remained on the elevated bank, brazenly standing over him.

‘Over there is what you seek and much, much more but I warn you, if you take what is rightfully yours and lash it to the raft there is only one way out.’ she pointed towards the flow of the river. ‘If you don’t turn around and leave here the way we came, empty handed with me now, then you will face a multitude of enemies that will want to kill you for your possession. Out there in the light, await savages who don’t dare to do what you are about to do, they won’t even come in here for fear of me, but out there you will be on your own.’

He felt his resolve harden as never before, as he looked up at her standing like a warrior, destiny had opened wide the dangerous direction he must now choose. She knew exactly when he had come to his conclusion and as if by magic, suddenly produced a warriors sword and shield, handed it to him and concluded herself; ‘Once you have begun don’t stop for anything until you reach the ocean; only when you have left this country will you begin to be safe. I know you have to succeed and if you have faith in yourself you will, now go.’ With that she turned around and disappeared into the blackness.

Buzz was now alone and someone he was yet to fully explore; he felt bigger, stronger and much more powerful. Filled with all the enthusiasm she had bestowed on him, he quickly paddled the raft to the other side of the nocturnal lake and with huge leaps and bounds, located the treasure she spoke of. What a treasure trove it was, items from every culture in the known world and then some, every type of gold and silver trinkets, jewelry and gems, statues of redundant gods; Then he saw it, hovering above everything else, as if it was protecting its nest and for now it belonged to him,

The Great Golden Eagle.

From the moment the wheels of Nick’s transporter touched down on New Zealand soil, a large army of loyal employees sprung into action; they would be under his command.

‘Where are they?’ he shouted as he walked down the gangplank to the entourage waiting on the tarmac

Waitomo Caves, about an hour drive south of here.’ Replied the first man in the line up to meet him

‘Well what are we doing here?’

‘We have a unit descending on the precise cave as we speak, Sir.’

‘Have they anything to report?’

‘Not yet.’

“Let’s get this farce pointed in the right direction; I want one of your men in the cab with my driver and I want to be there by the time they drag them out of those rat holes.’ He said as the plane was giving birth to the eighteen wheeler and as predicted they were there within the hour, in communication with the heavily armed crack troop of men that were waiting for further instructions at the mouth of the very cave they were expecting their prey to emerge from.

‘How can I be sure you’ve got it right?’ asked Nick

‘Because we have our very best remote viewers on the job as we speak and they assure me the man we want is heading downstream

into our net, right now.’ Replied the one who was chosen to sit with Nick in his lounge and sip the very best of scotch


The water was running wide and fast as Buzz emerged out of the cave looking like an ancient warrior riding on the back of his solid golden eagle; well strapped to the large logs that were floating both of them. It wasn’t long before the attack began; screams pieced the air as did arrows and spears that were now flying in his direction. He easily fended them off with the shield and as the savages began swimming out to attack him, he dispatched them just as easily with the sword. The battle went on for some time and many lives were lost in their efforts. Nothing or no one seemed to be able to stop him, he was winning and as the water began to pick up speed, he realized why; he was heading for a high waterfall and a serious going over the edge.

Nick’s men waited patiently outside the entrance to the cave until the screaming began, then the bravest of them moved into the opening to investigate why no one had emerged. Hours passed while the reports kept coming in, all saying the same thing, no body and nothing out of the ordinary. There was no obvious reason why anyone would even be there, people were losing their jobs, everyone was confused and upset; this whole situation was becoming ridiculous.

Nick was berating all the men he could draw into his wrath; Elisha was doing the same to Silvia and her people who had supplied them with the bad intelligence. When nothing more could be done and there was no one else to tear strips off, Nick settled for ordering a systematic search of the whole greater area with all the resources at their disposal. He kicked everyone out of his place and ordered a massage for himself so he could begin to calm down; this seemed to do the trick and by the time the tranquilizers he prescribed himself began to kick in, Elisha was able to get him into bed which seemed to be the best place for him at the moment.


Buzz floated back to the surface of his consciousness, again unsure of where he was but as he breathed in the musky air surrounding him, it occurred to him that he was still in the home of the old woman and that he must have been hallucinating.

Nat was happily chatting away with her when they both noticed he was awake.

‘Good you finally back with us,’ she said ‘don’t say anything just get up and get yourself ready to leave. Fred’s back without our friends and is reporting there are people searching for us, so he thinks it is important we get back to our boat and out of here as soon as possible.’

He agreed and with Nat’s assistance, they made their way to the door; she stepped out while he turned and asked the old woman

‘Who are you?’

She smiled at him and said ‘surely you mean, who was I? But what you really should be asking is, who were you?’

It was all too much for him at the moment and he just shook his head and began walking towards the waiting fourby but before he got there, he turned again and called out to her as she waved goodbye from her doorway ‘Please tell me your name.’

The name Lai Choy San echoed around his head as they sped off down the track towards the rendezvous with Laurence and Grant.


Back on board the ship, everybody was keen to know what had happened, but Buzz kept putting them off by explaining he would reveal all later when they were heading away from N.Z. Now they were well out to sea and already had their evening meal, drinks in the ships bar was the order of the moment; Nat and Buzz had kicked back into the corner lounge with large brandy balloons, half full of their favourite liqueur, trying to stay out of the way.

Gradually, the area before them radiated out with the curious, all faces looking their way and some not so patiently.

‘So tell us what happened up there?’ Laurence finally asked

‘Yeah, who was that freaky old woman?’ added Jim

Nat was the first to answer ‘She says, she was once the Queen of the Southern Seas commanding many men and their ships.’

‘What, canoes?’

‘No, merchant ships that travelled here from China and all the ports in-between.’

‘She must have been a bit of a Dragon Queen.’

‘I’m sure she was because her father left behind ‘a mountain of wealth’ as well as all his ships.’

‘What was your impression of her Buzz?’

‘Awesome! She sucked me into her whole world and spat me out totally satisfied that I was the wiser for having bumped into her.’

‘Does she have the goods?’

‘You bet! She showed me her secret place, it was rimmed with jewels, bulging with exotic treasures and the gold, the big eagle we all desire, was glistening in its nest. In an ecstatic vision she gave it to me and all I had to do was get it off from where it perched on top and secure my load for a wild ride inside her cave of treasures, to where it gushed into the light as a dangerous river. I fought bravely against savage attacks firstly relying on the shield she had given me but eventually I had to resort to using my sword in such a ferocious way, thrusting, twisting, turning over and over, on and on until I went over the falls and lost consciousness.’

Everyone just sat there stunned by this description of his journey into the heart of darkness not knowing what to say. Buzz had anticipated this reaction, or lack thereof, and came up with the question on all their lips. ‘Where does that leave us?’ and then proceeded to answer his own question.

‘I know this was only supposed to be a fishing trip but I am now sure we are poised on the edge of an exciting discovery. Although many of you think that I may have gone over the edge in more ways than one and I don’t have anything more to give you at the moment; please give me some time to process it all and I promise to come up with the next step by morning. So let’s rig for silent running and chill out, while I retire to my cabin and come up with our next destination. Are you coming Nat?’

‘No, I think I will stay here for awhile.’

Buzz shrugged his shoulders, finished his drink and headed off to contemplate their future. After pampering himself with a hot shower and the balm of a big bed to himself, he drifted off and found himself back in the past once again.

Days alone on the raft gave him the time he needed to begin to feel at home in this new form he found himself in. He was much bigger and blacker than he ever would have thought possible; full of energy, testosterone and a desire to survive. His clothes had been shredded, leaving him in a near naked state, on a river with no signs of any kind of civilization. He could have been anywhere at anytime but because of the climate and the position of the stars at night he gathered he was where he was supposed to be; about to emerge out of a westerly flowing river into the Kawhia Harbor.

Although it was familiar there was no signs of modern life as he had remembered it, but just before dark, in the middle of the river as it was beginning to opening up into a harbour, he spotted a ship on the horizon and by the time he’d drifted to it, night had fallen. It was an ancient bark of the style Arabian traders had been using for centuries and he was prepared to take it by force if necessary. As he drew alongside, the onboard oil lanterns illuminated a small but dangerous looking crew that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Sinbad the sailor movie; so he tied the raft to the aft of the craft and climbed on board.

One of the sailors, wearing little more than a loin cloth, was leashed to the bow of the ship as if he were the ships dog. He waved to indicate he was friendly and did nothing to alert the others, twelve in all, gathered around a cooking pot in the middle of the main deck, looking much more like a hungry band of pirates.

The cook sat in the middle, wearing a turban, pantaloons and shoes that turn up at the tips; stirring a pot of fish head stew and occasionally adding colourful spices. The biggest man sat closest to the fire, playing with some kind of wooden toy; the smallest man had shimmied up the mast like the ships monkey, to a platform lashed at head height and was whittling away at a slab of wood. A half a dozen bare-chested, tattooed and pierced types stood around a barrel of rum, looking as though they were quite content to quaff the night away and Captain R. Sol, as Buzz had named him, was presiding from atop his soap box giving the others unreasonable orders in a menacing fashion.

He was undoubtedly the ugliest of men, with a head that was way too large for his flabby body and ears that were way too large for his fat head. To make matters worse, he had stretched his earlobes into large loops that hung down to make a trinity with his pierced double chin. He brandished his sabre several times and slapped the face of anyone who dared to speak back to him and when it looked as if he was going to spill the gizzards of a terrified sailor, Buzz swung from his hide with a rope that was strategically positioned. He landed smack in the middle of the fiasco and pinned the shocked despot to the mast with the tip of his sword; when amazingly enough, the monkey man smashed his carving onto the hard head of Captain R. Sol who staggered a bit; but didn’t go down. Instead he raised his sabre above his head and begun to swing it in the direction of our hero’s neck who ducked, weaved and ran the b-laggard though, dispatching him to Davey Jones’ locker before he spilled his guts all over the deck.


Natalie burst into the cabin startling Buzz, who leapt out of the bed naked and challenged the intruder with a non- existent sword. Her mood suddenly changed and in between bouts of laughter, managed to squeeze out a ‘what the…., hell do you think you’re doing?’

He immediately realized his error in thinking and sat back down on the bed, red faced and began to explain to Nat what had just happened in his alternative reality.

‘It was truly amazing! I felt as though I was trapped inside a virtual reality game fighting for my life and for some greater purpose yet to be revealed. All I want to do is get back to it and find out more about it; I can’t really say much more at the moment except I know where we are going to head, North East.’

She was quite amazed at what he had to say, began to understand better the line he was following and started to realize the importance of supporting him in the direction of his strange methods.

He asked her if she would mind helping him get back to where he was in his dream state and then give the crew a message,’ As we go past New Guinea keep an eye out for pirates.’

Nickolas pumped Elisha for more juice on her feminine cohorts but as that channel seemed to be running dry he decided to call a general meeting at the Octagon. Small planes flew into Dunedin from all directions and the old devil, St. Paul himself would have turned in his grave if he could have heard the conversations being had in his chapel. These were the people who were supposed to be running things on behalf of Nick’s family’s interests, in this part of the world, and what had they done for him when they were finally called into action? Absolutely bugger all, he wanted blood and by Christ he was going to get it; who was responsible? Who were these so called best in the business remote viewers? Why had nobody picked up this Dragon lady before and now that they knew about her, where was she? Did they realize the importance of the opportunity that had been squandered and why in the devil’s name, didn’t they secure the harbour when they had the chance?

There were still a few asses smoking by the time Nick’s transporter flew out of New Zealand’s south island and Elisha had her hands full just trying to get him to relax, but eventually he come around they both kicked back on the big bed and smoked some of the world’s finest weed.

‘You know Elly, you got to admire these assholes whoever they are. They have successfully fucked over a couple of Washington big wigs, on that Breastplate affair; laughed in our faces while acquiring some state of the art defence equipment and now we haven’t got a clue where they are, when we seemed to have had them in the palm of our hands.’

‘They are certainly spicing things up, Sir.’

‘But what is it for? Why are they taking so many risks?’

‘They are obviously not stupid.’

“Then what could be so big that they would risk coming out of hiding for?’

‘What about that old witch; I wonder where she’s disappeared to?’

‘Probably up her own fanny, I’m sure it’s big enough.’

Nick burst out laughing at his own joke, which was great from Elly’s perspective; it would certainly make the rest of the trip much more bearable if he got into a good mood and you never know, she might even get to sleep in and let Nick get up without waking her; that would be nice for a change, she thought to herself as she nestled.

By the time she had her next thought, it was many hours later and Nick was poking her into consciousness’ I’ve worked out a solution.” He announced with great gusto ‘While you’ve been napping, I’ve been hard at work. Remember that Collins class sub we acquired cheep last year?’

‘Yes.’ Murmured El

‘Well it seems, even though the things as noisy as hell, some enterprising young employee had the foresight to fit it out with some kind of experimental tracking device. They have located an Unidentified Submerged Object moving at high speed in a north-easterly direction away from N.Z; they can’t catch it but they may very well be able to follow it to where it’s going.’

‘So what can we do in the meantime?’

‘I thought a little R&R at your favorite Port Douglas resort.’

She immediately jumped on top of him and bounced around for ages, yahooing at the top of her voice.

Meanwhile, in his dreamtime, the big, dark and swarthy Buzz had successfully navigated his new bark and crew to within sight of land, for the fist time since he had decided it was up to him to pilot this ancient mariner’s dream adventure back to Persia. It seemed to him that the crew were well qualified to do their jobs and were happy to be working for him but since none of them could read the charts he had found in the old captain’s chest, they could all perish at sea unless he did his job well.

So it was cheers and the last of the rum when they left the big swells of the open ocean behind and ventured into the safety of a harbour, where they hoped to take on supplies of water and food. Buzz preyed there wasn’t any nasty surprises awaiting them as he dropped anchor and authorized the first landing party. Before night had fallen they had managed to locate clean water, capture fresh meat and everyone from the vessel whom had come ashore was enjoying solid ground under their feet and the warmth of a large bonfire.

It must have been the glow of the fire that attracted the wild life because before they had finished their dinner, they were surrounded by savages wielding spears and clubs, very much looking like they were interested in making our travellers the next course. Buzz grabbed for his shield and sword, jumped to his feet in front of the pyre and the other formed the second line of defence directly behind him; but as the awesome figure of our hero and his weapons came fully into view, the near naked warriors dropped to the ground and prostrated themselves as if before a god. The enormity of the scene unfolded as the whole tribe came out of the woods to join their warrior men in worship of their new found god; Buzz, the magnificent, contemplated the significance of the gifts the tattooed, bejewelled woman had given him in her cave and wondered to himself, who she really was.

Before the night was over the beach head had turned into a makeshift resort with all the hospitality the natives could muster, including their most beautiful women, nothing was to good for their divine visitors and by the time they were waving goodbye, days later, the whole crew had sated all their immediate needs and stowed aboard their vessel sufficient provisions to complete the next part of the journey. The goddess of the southern seas had shined upon them from a high and everyone was in a state of awe over how blessed they had been.

The wind stiffened from the correct direction pushing them back into the fast flowing currents of the open ocean, charts were checked, hatches battened down, sails trimmed and because they were heading into Indonesian waters, permanent lookouts were manned to keep watch. Every sailor whom has ever plundered an exotic spice from the equatorial islands they were about to pass by, knew about the boogie men who haunted their treacherous waters but never the less they were alert for the most dangerous of scenarios, Pirates.


Buzz, the ordinary, finally came out of his cabin and ventured down into the galley, hungry for conversation as well as food. When he got there it was obvious he wouldn’t get either, not a soul in sight and none of the usual smells were emanating from the food preparation area; he was totally out of whack with the normal runnings of the ship. ‘Not to worry’ he said to himself while donning an apron, switching on the hotplate, juggling a couple of eggs and sleuthing out where they kept the thinly sliced smoked pig. By the time he done a fair impersonation of a breakfast chef and eaten his fill of cholesterol damage, the aromas of his presence must have drifted into other parts of the sealed hulls and the dining area began to fill with the appropriate cronies.

‘Well, well our long lost adventurer has returned to the land of the living.’ Piped the skipper in his broad Scottish brogue

‘Arrrgh, what swashbuckling tales do you have to tell us this time?’ added Jim in his best pirate voice whilst hobbling over to the table, feigning a wooden leg

‘Don’t sit down here with that parrot shit all over your shoulder.’

Laurie and Nat were next through the hatch with a couple of pirate jokes of their own but rather than a few rounds of ‘what should we do with the drunken sailor’ they pull a couple of chairs into the circle and settled down for the conversation they were all looking forward to. The interest in this gathering broaden as the many more of the crew filed in, soon the galley was a hive of activity and the java was flowing. Dr. Buzz was feeling as though he was about to begin a lecture and tried to shuffle himself into a suitable position, as to maximize the effect.

‘Why are we all here?’ he opened and then began to answer his own question ‘I would suggest most of us have been pressed into service because of somehow falling foul of our pursuers or making a moral stand against some particularly nasty aspect of how they go about their business.’

A short round of here, here’s’ seemed to confirm his opening pre-supposition and so he took it for what it was and ran with it.

‘I was an innocent researcher of the human condition, non-specifically specializing in truck loads of information that most diligent students, in pursuit of their targeted careers, jettisoned towards the scrap heap of an underfunded arts department Somehow or other I seemed to qualify myself for the non-paying position of standing apart from the commonly held beliefs of the various heads of departments that were well funded in their diligent efforts to prop up the crumbling moral structures of their various benefactors. As you can well imagine, I wasn’t a welcome sight in the corridors of power that honeycomb the higher tiers of society that control the day to day running’s of my country as well as yours; so I dedicated myself to understanding the nature of the beast I continually found myself butting heads with.

Now I know everybody here has their own valid concepts of what it is I am trying to define but before we go any further down the path of rebellion against it, I for one would like to put on the table the clearest picture I can draw of our mutual enemy. Power structures are elusively ever-changing and any attempt to circumnavigate the enormity of it can only ever end in getting lost up some creek without a paddle. Rather than go that way about it I have decided to examine the heart, liver and brain of the monster and sometimes my methods can seem as strange to the onlooker as a pathologist up to his armpits in an autopsy.

So it is with that in mind I ask you to persevere with me as I open up the cadaver and expose the rotten organs that inhabit it; firstly the heart. Religion has pumped the blood of despotic regimes since the beginning of time, its circulatory system spreads to every part of the body forming capillaries, so dense, that you can’t stick a pin in it without the evidence of it bleeding out. Of course it always has two opposing factions allowing it to function; venal and arterial, one sucks and the other blows. For the healthy running of a fascist regime you need a working pump distributing and retrieving the oil of dispute to the working parts of the body; in our world today Judeo Christians suck and Muslims blow.

The liver is the largest organ within the body; it facilitates the absorption of nutrients into the system. Secular politics brings to our monster the meat and potatoes that stop it from starving to death without seeming to have anything to do with religion, but I think you will find the two are intricately linked. Together they build the strength of arms needed to reinforce dominance over any opposition, ever ready to hammer into submission anything that gets in the way.

Now to the brain and its central nervous system; this organic computer sits over and above everything else with its tentacles reaching into every part of the body. It secretly gathers and stores all the information needed to fulfill its purpose for existing, issuing instructions and demanding obedience. It controls both sides of the heart as well as the liver and it will give its teeth the instructions to chew its own leg off if it thought it would aid to its own preservation. Be under no misunderstanding, when we choose to do the things we are presently engaged in, this is what we are going up against and we have about as much chance of success as

an independent finger has of shoving itself up a nostril to perform a lobotomy on a diseased brain in its own defense.’

After a brief round of applause, Buzz returned to the topic at hand. ‘Understanding the brain as it exists today requires a suspension of previously held beliefs on how it operates because the very nature of its condition is that it lies to the body about itself. Now how that happens is how we begin to understand it; when you analyze what it is you know about it, you have to ask yourself how you come to know the things you think you know? Chances are you heard it on the radio, saw it on the T.V, read about it in a book or was told something by an insider that has been under the influence of the very thing we are now not trusting; these are the lines of communication that are owned and used by our adversaries similar to the way the diseased brain uses the central nervous system to deliver its propaganda to its beast.

What I am suggesting is revolutionary in the sense that we can use intuitive methods to analyze the information in a way not possible if we continue to believe all that we think we know. For instance: If the body wants to improve its conditions, do the veins fight the arteries? No. If the mussels find themselves depleted of nutrients, do they rip out the liver? No. When the nervous system becomes agitated for no obvious reason, should it turn on itself when possibly, a simple brain alteration might restore order?

When every action has been taken by instruction of the brain and yet no relief is in sight, then maybe it’s time we analyzed the brain to find out what’s going wrong upstairs. In our world today maybe it’s time Jews, Muslims and Christians stopped fighting one another and combined forces to find out which part of the brain is the offending piece. Maybe it’s time for the armies of the world to unite in the common cause of kicking out the troublemakers in their own organizations. Maybe the intelligence gathering community should use its intelligence to locate the offending bits and disempower them from influencing policy.’

‘All well and said,’ commented Laurie ‘But how does that effect what we are doing right now? We are totally off the radar, hundreds of miles from anywhere in particular and if we don’t gain some kind of strategic advantage sometime in the very near future, not even likely to see the light of day ever again.’

‘Exactly my point if I am going to die or worse, in the pursuit of idealism, then I want it fresh in my mind what that ideal is and I can’t speak for the others but I imagine it’s the same for them. I want to constantly reinforce what it is we are doing this for and what it is we hope to achieve. If one day I get to stand before the asshole who probably thinks of me in the same way, then I want to be able to clearly articulate what it was that put me up against it ’

Another round of applause went up, which Laurie joined in with and by the time it calmed down they were all looking as if they were interested in hearing more; so Buzz steadied himself with a fresh cup of coffee and prepared to continue on. ‘I don’t know if everyone here knows about the origins of the intelligence agencies, that are probably on our heels as we speak, but a little bit of review couldn’t hurt; so bear with me while I digress.

At the beginnings of the First World War, when capitalism and communism where beginning to go head to head, the spying agencies were a shadow of what they have become today. Very little in the way of infrastructure and even less in monetary support and even though Germany hadn’t become the monster in everybody’s book yet; Britten, America and even Russia had sent spies into the fatherland to investigate the possibilities of them becoming a common enemy. In what was to become an important piece in understanding the formalization of the trade, all the suspect players were rounded up and put into a camp that eventually laid claim to producing more than its fair share of agency founders.

Ruhleben, its inmates and its associated news letter became the common thread on the resumes of the men and women who combined together with the officers of the British and French internment camps and ran the secret services during the Second World War. It was during this period the agencies got all the support they required to grow into the out of control monster they are today. Sir John Masterman, a noted resident of Ruhleben, wrote about this time in his book ‘The double cross system in the war 1939-45’, in which he describes how the line between which country, or agency, you worked for becomes totally blurred. The big moment in it all seems to be when Roosevelt, the then President of America, decides to form a pact with the Russians to fight Hitler and Churchill follows suit; up until then the common enemy for anyone who worked for the agencies was Russia. This created an irreparable rift in the fabric of the behind the scenes designated drivers organization that was to become M.I.5, C.I.A, A.S.I.O and the many other affiliated organizations.

Many, up until then, trusted operators within the agencies who had openly favored supporting Hitler over Stalin, were suddenly the enemy and had to be watched carefully for any signs that they might not be going along with their countries policies. But after Germanys defeat and the reinstatement of all those officers who would lead the cold war against U.S.S.R and communism, where ever it reared its ugly head including America and Australia, then the trouble really began because they were happy to sign up men who had served in Hitler’s S.S; low and behold, the agencies became the very thing our soldiers fought to keep out of our so called fascism free countries.’

‘Is this true Sir Hamish, you were a Wing Commander with the S.O.E during that period?’ asked Natalie

‘Sadly, yes.’ Answered our now friendly Captain Grant ‘This is why I had to leave the organization; I couldn’t stomach the Nazi bastards that were running it.’

‘Laurence, you were in a position to know whether or not this is true, what say you?’

‘I can’t really confirm or deny anything, although I have my suspicions, which was enough for me to leave them as well.’

‘So, who is really running the shop?’

‘Well, I’ve met a few operatives in my day,’ said Laurie ‘and the ones they seem to have to report to are their editors or publishers.’

‘Are you telling us the big media tycoons run everything?’

‘ I haven’t personally known any so I can’t really say, but I do know that one of the biggest in the business used to be the largest printer of Nazi training manuals in Hitler’s Germany and that the Head of the S.S worked with McCarthy in America, after the war.’

‘What do you reckon, Buzz?’

‘Media barons, Politicians, Lawyers, Doctors, Generals, Weapons manufacturers, Popes and priests they all seem to work for the same thing MONEY; he who prints the money pretty much controls everything. I mean if you ran everything would you let someone else be in charge of your money. In the entire world who owns the most reserve banks, which organization runs the most influential economies? Who really are the richest people in the world?


After Nick and Elisha had celebrated checking into their North Queensland crib, by knocking the head off a bottle of Moet, they dressed themselves in the appropriate poolside attire and ventured out to the gazebo area to rattle the bars and stars of some of the world most decorated retirees.

‘Well, God bless America and all who serve and protect, if it isn’t little Nicky all growed up and wearing his pappies boots.’ Boomed the loudest floral shirt from the biggest cloud of cigar smoke

‘Hell no, that lily livered pansy, wouldn’t dare show his face around here; not after the last fiasco.’ Added the human keg with legs on the next stool

‘Just my luck! Its General Pain In-the-Butt and his Rear Admiral Ima Homophobe holding court with Major Screw Up and Captain Cock Sucker.’ Lashed back Nick well before he had reached their table

‘I hope you’re here to pay up on all those Poker game I.O.U’s you seem to leave a trail of smart ass.’ Said Captain C.S

‘No way tight ass, I’ve come to do some work for my collection agency on all those unpaid bills you have been evading by hiding out here.’

‘Aar, come on Nicky, just joking; don’t make it personal.’

‘Don’t worry; I know it would be harder to get Osama Bin Hiding out of Pakistan than it would be to get money out of you.’

‘Hey! We’re working on that.’

‘Pity bullshit isn’t money, no trouble getting that out of you.’

‘You should have a little more respect, Nick; you’re in our country now.’ Said General P.I.B

Nick let out a loud, large laugh; followed by ‘with all the intelligence you pay us for; I would think you, of all people would know who really owns this place.’

‘You jumped up little upstart, I was running things here while you were still in nappies.’

‘You should show a little more respect, General; you’re in my resort now and if you don’t like it you can piss off.’ Said Nick

‘I don’t have to put up with this crap.’ Yelled the General as he stood up and began striding towards the rooms

‘Hey fatso,’ yelled Nick back towards him ‘you forgot your cheerleaders and their ugly wives.’

After a whole lot more yelling and abusive insults, Nick and Elisha had the whole pergola to themselves as a fleet of Limo’s began draining the resort of its inhabitants.

‘That’s what I like about you Nick,’ stated Eli ‘your motivational skills. I’ve never seen anybody empty a place as quick as that.’

‘So now we’ve got rid of those dead shits who would you like to invite.’

‘They are already on their way.’ She said

‘Then it’s party time!’


Chapter Six 

Buzz eventually exhausted his audience and settled for spending some quality time with Natalie, she was keen to discuss their shared experience of visiting the old Sumerian civilization in their combined meditation. They managed to find a cozy corner of an otherwise busied ship, focused on the topic at hand and quickly immersed themselves in a conversation of mutual interest. When they had last spoke of the events surrounding the evacuation of a pre-flood Babylon, the inhabitants had split into two groups.

Nat wanted to quiz Buzz about the ones he had followed and opened with, ‘Did those people who escaped to the mountains of North-eastern Iran eventually settle down?’

‘Good question,’ commented Buzz, before he answered in his usual style ‘In-between Pirate dreams, I looked up the descendants of Noah and the record is quite comprehensive in documenting the spread on nations after the flood. While the sons of Shem, Ham and Japheth were busy rebuilding Babylon, Nineveh and Egypt, the peoples associated with Elam and Aram were establishing themselves in the higher realms of the Himalayas. Now while I can’t be absolutely sure where it was, the final resting place of the Great Golden Eagle and the one’s who transported it, could only describe as the mystical kingdom of Shambhala.’

Natalie recoiled in her seat and looked at Gabriel with a smirk that indicated she was not totally on his wave link. He immediately realized she needed more information and quickly resumed his dialogue before she could even ask a question.

Shambhala has been very real to Buddhists and spiritual seekers for a very long time, albeit not a place you would find on any map today. Never the less I’m asking you to open your mind to the concept that it might have been a real place at sometime in the past.’

“O.K,’ she said, relaxing her poise ‘lay it on me.’

The Medes were the ones who occupied that area during the time we have been speaking about and although they didn’t emerge as a force in the region until the defeat of the Assyrians, their power base was out of the slopes of the North-eastern Iran from before recorded history. If any peoples were associated with the Aryans of Zoroastrian mythology it was them and this was where the stories of Shambhala came from. Ahura –Mazda was the wise lord God of the original inhabitants of ancient Iran and was depicted as a bearded man with the wings of an eagle.’

‘So you think he could have been the leader of the ones who carted the Golden Eagle out of pre-flood Babylon?’

‘Yes,’ answered Buzz ‘the center of an Enid that has dominated eastern mysticism till this day, the head Aryan, a Brahmin kite of mythical proportions and the one who existed before the creation of the world as we know it; a pre-flood deity.’

‘How does this relate to our understanding of the situation and why does knowing about the leader of a mythical kingdom, that people have sought for centuries, help our cause?’ Asked Nat

‘I think it helps to know the origins and legends of a culture that eventually had a great effect in our historical records as the ones who put an end to the Assyrian Empire and established their importance as an empire in their own right; at a time when the Old Testament, as we know it today, was first being penned by the exiled Hebrews.

In 539 B.C.E, to the cheers of the enslaved Jews, (Shah) Cyrus the Great King of the Medes gathered the mountain tribes from the slopes of the Himalayas and over ran the city of Babylon to begin an era of Human rights, multiculturalism and a freeing of slaves. He created the biggest, fairest and most open empire the world had ever known, all under the protecting wings of Ahura-Mazda

So, if there was a time when the Great Golden Eagle was to leave its secret nest, high in the Himalayas and return to a position symbolizing the all encompassing rule of God on Earth, then this was it. Cyrus was the rightful and worthy heir who allowed the return of the Jews to Jerusalem along with their scriptures and all the temple items that made it possible to kick start their claim of being Gods chosen people in that area. This situation prevailed until the rise of the Greeks and Alexander the Greats rampage into Persian and Parthian territories.’

This was Cyrus the Greats territory of 540 B.C.E superimposed over the modern map.

Nat had definably softened towards Gabe’s apostatizing of his view and offered her assistance by suggesting they retire to their stateroom and project themselves further into the research. He was obviously keen but as they bumped their way through the narrow passage, Buzz began speaking like a pirate again and before they could both come to a Shambhala of the mind, he was relaying to her another episode from the edge of the South China Seas.

‘I am Captain of the Sinbad, leave my men alone and deal directly with me,’ he was describing a scene from his minds eye where the Bark of a previous dream was being boarded by a hoard of Asian looking pirates from a large Junk. Even though his men had fought bravely to defend him and their precious cargo, by sheer numbers they were overcome. By bellowing loudly and brandishing his sword in a magnanimous display, the murderous gaggles were distracted from their slaughter and the ensuing chaos minimized. Buzz, the large, became the center of attraction, surrounded by a circle of saber rattling motley crew who, for some strange reason, seemed to be amazed by his enormous sword.

Before too long, one of the multitudes stepped forward and asked quite politely, for a barbarian ‘Where did you get that from?’

Buzz, the now magnificent, didn’t think that it was such an unreasonable request at the time and began a long slow answer in a language all seemed to understand. He explained to all the now becalmed villains exactly how he had acquired it and the obvious huge golden eagle that just happened to be strapped to the deck at the time. This timely story seemed to calm down the whole situation and before he was finished they were all sitting at his feet enthralled by every word that proceeded forth from his mouth.

The man who had asked the question eventually stood up and began giving orders, which were immediately adhered to. Prisoners were being bound, sails were being set, ropes fastened and soon Buzz realized what was happening; they were being taken prisoners and lock, stock and barrel, back to the base of these alien marauders to suffer whatever fate had in store.

Within twenty four hours, their smallish craft had been sailed into a hole in the wall cavern somewhere between the South China and the Sulu Seas, where they were presented to the King or whatever he was, obviously an important figure, as he imposed himself over the faithful and the obedient.

‘So you say you have met my daughter!’ boomed the majestically presented figure of a man high from his throne as they were brought before him.

‘And who might you be?’ hailed back Captain Buzz with an air of arrogance not suitable for a man in his position

‘I am Chang and it is my treasure you have plundered.’

‘Not so, this is the Great Golden Eagle of Shambhala and I intend to return it to its nest high in the mountain kingdom of my forefathers.’

‘You speak bravely for a man who is about to die a horrible death.’

Buzz, the now not so sure, looked around and summed up the situation to himself; here I am thousands of miles from home in an underground fortress of a despot of merciless infamy, surrounded by his warriors with a great big, heavy bird, acquired by seducing the daughter of the man who held his fate in the palm of his hand.

‘I gave it to him!’ echoed a feminine voice from behind the light of the circle of all who were involved in the moment up until then.

‘You,’ exhaled our hero as he swung around to envision the tattooed, jewel encrusted beauty; now more modestly attired than the last time he saw her.

‘Yes, it is I who provide protection for this man and his crew; yet you detain him on his noble journey’ she said addressing the King as she moved further into the circle of light.’

‘He has stolen my property and I will have my right to judge.’

‘No,’ she said ‘he has stolen nothing; I have restored the icon to its rightful owner.’

‘What right do you have to over ride me, the one who has given you everything.’

‘You have given me nothing, I take my right to decide these matters,’ with those words the cavern was suddenly over run with the followers of this most amazing woman and without a drop of blood being shed, she was now in charge.


Nick and Elisha were rudely awakened, after a night of serious debauchery, by the constant rapping on the door of their resort suite. Eli launched herself towards the offending noise and ripped open the eight by four chunk of wood separating the naked banshee from her pray.

‘What the hell do you think you are doing, making such a racquet at this ungodly hour?’ She screeched at the now frozen and terrified figure standing before her ‘Come on explain yourself.’

‘I, I, it’s just that we have received an unusual phone call from a submerged captain who said he was having trouble contacting you and that it was imperative we informed you immediately.’

‘Oh,’ replied Eli, suddenly aware her implants were at eye level ‘well get back to whatever you were doing and take your drool with you.’

The door slammed and our vixen moved swiftly towards the lap top, positioned not five meters from were she swiveled. Soon she was talking directly to the captain of the sub who had been pursuing our band of rebels, via video link, and still she hadn’t bothered to cover herself.

Nick who had been listening to all this, finally came out of the bedroom in a dressing gown and took over from her.

‘So you finally have them in your sites,’ he said

‘Yes sir.’ Came the Captains reply

‘Well what are you waiting for; blow the bastards out of the water.’

‘But that would be an act of war!’

‘Against who?’ Questioned Nick

‘I thought you would know,’ said the Captain


‘Aye, aye, SIR.’

Nick turned away from the screen and gave the still naked Eli a full look up and down, ‘Can you try to have some clothes on when you deal with the Grunts.’

But before she could answer him, a sweet looking nubile wandered out of the main bedroom and asked ever so politely

‘What’s all the yelling about?’

‘Never you mind,’ answered Eli ‘just turn around, jump back into bed and we will be in soon.’



Commander Grant ran quickly, for a man of his age, into the control room of his ship. The code red sirens were wailing and the man at the controls was yelling at the top of his lungs.


‘What’s the situation?’ called back Sir Hamish

‘We have a Collins shadowing us at ten k’s back, it’s just fired.’

‘Well what are you waiting for man, full speed ahead?’

‘Do you think we can outrun them?’ said a second sailor

‘I don’t know, but for sure we’re about to find out.’

‘What should our heading be, Sir?’

‘Just drop some chaff, aim for open water and hit the scram jets.’

Boom, boom was felt behind the craft as they were catapulted north away from Indonesia and towards the Philippines.

Commander Grant left the control room boys behind him and proceeded to the incident room where he was thought the others would be gathering right at that moment. He was there within moments and sure enough that’s where they were.

‘What the hell’s going on?’ demanded Laurie

‘Seems we’ve been tracked.’ Replied C.G

‘I thought you said we couldn’t be tracked.’

‘Well, it seem like I was wrong; doesn’t it?’

‘What will we do now?’ asked Jim

‘Find somewhere to lie low and recharge the batteries,’ answered the Captain ‘any ideas?’

Buzz put his hand up and everyone looked at him, oddly enough.

‘What’s the matter; do you want to go to the toilet?’ asked Laurie

‘No, I think I know somewhere to go?’

‘How, Where’

‘Before I was so rudely awaken, I was having the most amazing dream.’

‘Yeah, go ahead we all know about these strange dreams of yours.’

‘It just so happens that I was dreaming of traversing these very waters and low and behold I was shanghaied by Chinese pirates and taken to a under ground cavern that was large enough to hide this modern monstrosity in. If you can get me a map, I’m sure I can direct you to it and if no-one has a better plan, I think we should check it out.’ Said Buzz

They all went about the business of battening down the hatches and rigging for high speed running. Time flew by, securing them from the worry of death and failure, which they left in their wake as they sped towards a new safe haven; Chang’s cave.

As Captain Grant’s amazing vessel made its way through the slender, pipe like, entrance and into the huge cavernous hideout that Buzz had directed them to, he purposely found his younger C.O slapped him on the back.

‘Well done my boy, well done.’

Buzz just responded by squirming around with a painful expression on his face trying to rub his own back.

‘I told you I knew what I was saying.’

‘Aye that you did’

‘So how long do you think we should stay here?’ asked Buzz

‘Just long enough to get our bearings and recharge the batteries. You, my lad are going to have to come up with another heading for us because I have no idea where we are going.’ Replied Grant

‘No worries but you will have to stop slapping me around like that.’

‘It’s a done deal.’

Captain Grant spun around and marched off to instruct his crew on how to go about their duties.

Buzz turned to Nat who massage his shoulder while he complained about her uncle’s rough treatment. After she had restored his composure, he asked ‘How would you like to go exploring with me?’

‘Sure,’ she replied ‘I’d love to.’

‘Get your hiking boots on then.’

Soon they had made their way off the ship and Buzz was showing her around the cave that he had visited in his dream. He began to recount to her some of the things he had previously forgotten to explain and before long, was back in the past again, experiencing it first hand and detailing it to Nat as it happened.

The Grand Cavern had taken on a new glow, more golden light had enriched the previously dark corners and new colorful sheens glistened from small fires marking the various groups of now happy pirates. Some celebrated the new order and reconciliation of old friends and foes. The mysterious princess’s men were a much more agreeable bunch and the woman herself proved to be a gracious host. Buzz the relieved, luxuriated in her company as the pair made themselves comfortable in the now deposed King of the South China Sea’s pirate empire.

‘Lai Choy San, I don’t understand what has just happened. It doesn’t make any sense to me. You give me my treasure, that your father gave to you and then he takes it back off me, then your men overthrow him for it?’

‘My brave warrior, you have changed the course of history. Chang was not my real father, he owned me from the time I was a small child and for many years I have dreamt of this day. He was a tyrant, feared and served by many but loved by none. He had imprisoned me in my mountain of wealth, after I had stolen from him the treasure you sought and now I rule his kingdom because of you.’

‘So I was your bait?’

‘Not only, but also. I dreamt you up, so when you arrived in my passage I knew exactly who you were and what you would do for me.’

‘How did Chang get the Golden Eagle?’

‘He or his father, and I am not sure weather they are one in the same, stole it from the Great Genghis Khan or his descendants. As far as I know, they would have gone on to rule the world if we had not relieved them of the symbol you now possess. So you see we are thieves and you are the salvation of the people or their next despot.’

‘And what do you want from me now?’

‘Nothing, take your Eagle and go, it has not brought anything but sorrow to my kind and we will be better off with out it and don’t forget the Portuguese rule the waters between here and where you want to go.’

There was great wealth stashed in the coffers of Chang’s caches, all the maps and charts needed for our dreamtime hero to plan the next leg of his quest to return the Great Golden Eagle to its Himalayan high coupe.

In the days and nights spent in the company of his Dragon Lady, he studied the layout to the passages and safe havens that had previously only been known by Chang and his gangs of men, who now seemed perfectly happy to work for their new mistress. The Sinbad was refurbished, restocked and made ready, while his old crew started to take on the appearance of a well oiled unit ready for anything or anybody who might cross their path.

On the day they sailed out of the waters controlled by Lai Choy San, with the prize of their quest safely stowed out of sight, Buzz the once again magnificent, was confident of the successful path

laid before him. Now all he had to deal with was the Portuguese Navy based out of the old city of Bombay, hopefully the disguises they had prepared for themselves would suffice when the inevitable time would arrive that they would have to deal with these people who must not, under any circumstances, relieve him of his prize.

His ultimate goal was to make it to Northern India where under the protection of the Moguls he would begin the overland journey to Samarkand thru the Hindu Kush with his golden bird. Years of studying the stories told to him as a child in the Palaces built by the descendants of Genghis Khan, had sent him questing for the fabled bird he had vowed to return.

For now he had to content himself with the slow and steady pace the trade winds were propelling him at. All the preparations had been made and nothing more could be done but wait for the inevitable confrontation with the powers that presided between him and his goal. The Sinbad was sailing well, at their present pace they could expect to reach the open ocean between Singapore and Ceylon within days and as long as the weather held fair then the crossing was only a matter of weeks.


Natalie spoke bringing Buzz back to the moment, ‘So all that happened right here?’

‘What? Yeah, yeah, right here.’ He said somewhat distracted as he started pulling rocks away from a crevice in the cave wall. Before long, he was standing upright and proudly displaying a bejewelled dagger still beautiful if not somewhat encrusted by centuries of corrosion.

‘Amazing!’ exclaimed Nat, ‘What’s the story behind that?’

‘This is were I slept when I was him, the ancient mariner. It was much nicer then but I kept this handy just in case my princess changed her mind about my status as savoir of her people.’

‘Oh, so she slept here as well?’

‘Look Nat, I wasn’t really him; it was like I was seeing through his eyes, understanding with his brain, but not in control of what he did. I certainly don’t feel responsible for the men he killed or anything else; I was more like a passenger than the captain, you must understand that.’

‘I do, it’s just a little hard for me to accept it.’

He dropped the artefact and carefully moved towards her. She resembled a cat deciding whether to strike or flee, but as the freeze frame moments passed, did neither. He eventually embraced her more tenderly that ever before and breathed into her ear ‘I love you’.


Meanwhile back at Nick’s headquarters, things hadn’t gone as well as Elisha had hoped, Nick had managed to get himself into a fowl mood and had begun throwing things, namely the cute little blonde, she was out on her ear. Eli was trying her best to calm him down, but by the time the reports started coming through that they had once again let those ‘arsholes’ get away, there was no consoling him. The day was off to a shit start and it didn’t look like it was going to get any better, he was threatening to pull the plug on their whole ‘holiday’.

To make maters worse the company suits and been sending reports that their operation in Afghanistan hadn’t been going well, the drug lords were getting greedy and demanding more and more for their crops everyday. General Pain in the Butt was making his presence felt by rallying support on just who ran this part of the world, pointing out the fact that while Nick might have inherited the business on paper, he still had the men on the ground in his employ and that if Nick didn’t want an army of bikies surrounding him, he might just want to reconsider his position.

‘Get that pilot’s lazy arse out of bed and tell him to start warming up the engines, it looks like we are going to have to run this ourselves from the air.’ Commanded Nickolas

Eli didn’t even try to disagree; she just put her head down and went about complying with Nick’s orders as was her habit when he got like this. If things didn’t get any better she would end up biting pillows while Nick worked out his frustrations on her. This was pretty much how it went and by the time they were leaving Australian air space, Elisha was having trouble sitting straight in her office chair and Nick was heavily sedated.


CHAPTER EIGHT: coming soon