Wayne Imber is a retired professor that has taught psychology at many schools in Arizona, Chicago and Massachusetts. He has taught for over 30 years for undergrad and masters program. His emphasis was social psychology and he also enjoyed teaching developmental psychology. 

Dr. Imber is a huge advocate and supporter of the American Red Cross, he has donated much of his time in this organization. Much of his undergrad years Wayne Imber helped rehabilitate those that have just been released from prison and adjust to life and re-entering society. He learned so much during his early years and have taken much of his experience to his teaching and he also holds seminars from time to time about this experience. 

He lives in Cincinnati Ohio, and enjoys golfing on his free time. Wayne Imber likes to cook at home and would one day like to release a cooking book about Classic English Cooking. His favorite dish to make is the Shepard's Pie.