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Oracle, The World's Largest Enterprise Software Company



I Graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) and got Master Degree in June 2006. My major is Computer Architecture.

Now employed by ORACLE. My position is Member of Technical Staff in ORACLE VM team and major is Windows Paravirtualized Driver.


Oracle VM,  Xen hypervisor,  Xen Windows Paravirtualized driver, SATA controller driver,Network Storage System, Object Based Storage, Storage Visualization, File System, IDS, et al.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • 2003/9~2006/6  Master Education (School of Computer Science and Technology)   

       Major: Computer Architecture

       Master's Thesis: Research and Implementation of Object-Based Storage File System (Outstanding Master Thesis Award of Hubei Province)

  • 1999/9~2003/6  Bachelor Education (School of Computer Science and Technology)

        Major: Computer Science and Techonlogy 

        Bachelor's Thesis: Research and Implementation of Storage Visualization in Windows Kernel Model

Research Experience

Windows WDM Driver on Storage

Design and implement delay write algorithm to queue all OS command before all RAID members were found in a windows class filter driver.Design and implement some advanced RAID function, such as synchronization/ replacement/ hot spare/ ORLM/ migration, in a windows port driver used in VIA SATA storage controller driver.

.Tips: WDM programming, OCE/ORLM,RAID data protection and recovering 

National Hi-tech Research and development Program (863 project): Virtualized Storage System

I am responsible for realization of virtual storage pool under Windows: Surplus storage capacity from several PCs was mapped to a local virtual volume label, and users can use it like using a local disk, which is transparent to user applications and greatly facilitates building different applications on the platform. Besides, soft RAID, that is distributing data on several PCs, is also achieved, which guarantees high performance and high reliability of the system. My job is done with Windows WDM, and the project has passed verification of Hubei Provincial Science & Technology Department.

Tips: WDM programming, Storage Visualization, SoftRAID

CERNET backbone distributed network security monitor system

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is built on Central China part of Cernet, which conducts real-time distributed intrusion detection on backbone with 2.5Gbps bandwidth. Probes are deployed on 8 branch nodes, and information is collected to server through dedicated network channel. After analysis server shows the outcome, and meanwhile sends it to IDS server in general which is located in Tsinghua University. An experts system is established with its rules be updated automatically.

National Basic Research Program: Research on the organization and key technologies of the storage system on the next generation Internet

Scalable and multi-level Object-Base Storage System is mainly studied. Object-Based File System is realized under Linux platform. Users can map mounted Object-Based Storage Devices (OBSD) to a local directory, and interface between users and storage devices evolves into object from data block or file. This way storage system acquires higher security and scalability. OBSD is implemented on Intel IQ80315 Embedded Development Platform, which is primarily composed of 2 Intel IOPs 80200 and a Intel 80314 with switch architecture. In addition,  Timesys Linux for Intel IQ80315 is adopted.

Tips: Object-Based Storage, File System, Embedded Linux

Patent and Publication

  • Apply a patent about Method and Algorithm on Array Based ORLM.
  • Adaptive Dynamic Prefetching Policy on Object-based Storage Device

IT and Special Skills

  • Master in Linux kernel programming, Linux and Windows Device Driver, WDM and WDF programming, Filter driver , Filesystem, et al.
  • Familiar with TCP/IP, OSD, SCSI,ATA/ATAPI,Serial ATA protocals.
  • Familiar with  Instruct Detect System and Firewall.
  • organized a software studio named ZoliSoft Software Studio.

Selected Honors and Awards

  • 2004 1st Rank Scholarship For Excellent Study of HUST
  • 2004 Excellent Research Production of  Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • 2004 Excellent Party Member of CCP
  • 2003 Tri-A Excellent Student of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Personal Interests

 Reading, Writting, Pop Music, Sports especially Basketball

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