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Well Google were kind enough to offer me this space for a web page. What is here was published in just a few short minutes. So the content will grow shortly. Watch this space.

I also have to get my new blog underway, but this place looks very promising indeed (more accurately this is a website rather than a blog). Although I have a couple of domains to host similar pages - this service is great for most people who don't have a domain.

Google Page Creator

It's very simple to use and provides you with a WYSIWIG editor. There are quite a few choices of templates and no doubt many more will eventuate soon. I can see this becoming very popular as soon as Google release it to the great unwashed. 

No need to know anything about HTML or web page creation and it's simple to use. You can add your own images, choose differnt layouts and colour choices.

Sure there's other places where you can put free websites and they are full of banner advertising. So far so good, there are none here. 

I registered my inerest with Google and they sent me an invite. 
Maybe you can do the same. This whole thing took me less than 10 minutes to construct. Okay . . . so it looks like it too.

Anyone with a small business should get an email addres of the form and then your website will become Simple, good value.and cheap!

Granted that it doesn't replace the additional advantages of of a full web creation package (such as Dreamweaver) but it is excellent for those with reasonably static pages and no need for an eCommerce package. 

For an interactive "Blog" 

If you want an interactive site where people can comment on your posts, I'd highly recommend "WordPress" which is a free product usually run on your own domain (provided PHP is available) however WordPress will also host your blog in free space if you don't have your own domain. It too is easily managed by persons with little or no knowledge of web page structure and creation. See WordPress here.

More to come . . .

 Will add other pages soon - that's easy too. 
Catch you later!