Here's a sampling of
stories I've written in
recent years. Everything
is copyrighted. Don't steal.

Stories I've written for The Atlantic Monthly are
indexed here.

I've also contributed several dozen stories to the New York Times. Most are travel pieces, and these can be read for free at the Times web site, although you may need to register. Ciick here for a list. 


Greetings from Airworld!
[Atlantic Monthly | July/Aug 2006] A tour of America without ever leaving the airport - six days, five airports, 106 hours of layover-as-vacation.  Read more...  

Back to the Future  
[Atlantic Monthly | December 2005]
A ride on the new Las Vegas monorail isn't so much an excursion into the future, as a trip to a curiously nostalgic past.  Read more... 

The Same, Only Better 
[Preservation | Sept/Oct 2002] Modernist architecture was radically new when it first appeared. Now quickly aging, does it require a radically new approach to preservation? Read more...

Bidding the Interstate Goodbye 
[New York Times | July 14, 2002] Four weeks, 7,052 miles, 23 states, one Volkswagen camper. Taking a road trip that bypasses "Supersize" America. Read more...

The Old Man and the Daiquiri 
[Atlantic Monthly | October 2005] How did Ernest Hemingway, the most manly of bare-fisted fighting men, come to be associated with the frozen daiquiri, a drink that brings to mind sundresses and strawberries? An excursion through Old Havana's bars in search of the answer. Read more...

Aquaculture at the Crossroads
[Yankee Magazine | Oct 2003] Raising fish in ocean pens went from hippie idea to major, mutinational industry in twenty years flat. Where does it go from here? A dispatch from easternmost Maine. Read more...

The Price of Popularity
[Preservation | May/June 2002]
If your town makes one of the "best places to live" lists, don't count on it remaining so. A look at one town - Ashland, Ore. - and how it got that way. Read more....