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The Atlantic (Jan/Feb 2010) Supersized Cocktails The drinking man's case for smaller cocktails. Plus: a slideshow featuring the 86-ounce Adios Mo-Fo.

AARP Bulletin Today (January 21, 2010) Disaster Strikes, People Shine Interview with Rebecca Solnit, author of A Paradise Built in Hell.

The Atlantic (November 2009) Katrina's Architectural Revolution In New Orleans, a new kind of house is rising from the ruins of Katrina. Cheap, green, and radically hip, it may change architecture for a generation.

The Atlantic (November 2009) The World on the Rocks For fans of the legendary cocktail writer Charles H. Baker, the contents of a drink are less compelling than the story behind it.

Down East (October 2009) The Craft of the Cocktail Portland (Maine) bartender John Myers is a lavishly mustachioed search engine of cocktail history and lore. And he makes a pretty decent drink.

American Archeology (Fall 2009) Collaborating With Cuba An unusual Cuban-American project could change assumptions about the island's prehistoric cultures. (Sorry, no link.) 

The Smart Set (Sept. 1, 2009) Times Up Marshall McLuhan, or somebody like McLuhan, once said that you read the morning paper as if slipping into a bath. But reading the Times on the Kindle is more like a news douche. 

Preservation (Sept/Oct 2009)Faulkner's Sanctuary A trip to Oxford, Miss. is filled with history, tradition, good food, and books... lots of books.

The Atlantic (September 2009) Unpacking a Punch The Basque-American picon punch, a drink edging toward extinction, is best consumed in the wild.

Yankee (July/Aug 2009) The Chair that Invented Summer From utilitarian to iconic in a century flat — the Adirondack chair and how it got that way.