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Professional Betting by Wayne Bailey

Also available Sports Trading on Betfair (see below)

With so much data, statistics and information freely available to horse racing punters in the modern age, you might think that making money from betting was easier than ever. Yet the opposite seems to be the case and only a small percentage of gamblers actually turn a profit each year. In Professional Betting, Wayne Bailey describes some simple but effective backing and laying strategies he uses daily in that eternal quest to beat the odds. Bailey applied his strategies across the betting markets in 2015 and provides a detailed log of the results, profit and loss for the year. Aimed at the casual and serious punter alike, Professional Betting will give you a unique insight in to the world of racing and betting and will help you understand the ways in which the horse racing markets can be successfully tackled.

Professional betting

Sports Trading on Betfair

"The best book of its type so far."
(Book review in The Racing Post, 19th April 2015)

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IN the past fifteen years, the betting industry in the UK and Ireland has changed beyond recognition. While technology has made it easier than ever to place a bet, for most people making a profit from sports betting remains as tricky as ever. Yet there are a growing number of traders, some of which have no previous sports betting experience, making handsome profits from exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq. In Sports Trading on Betfair, sports trader Wayne Bailey explains the dynamics of odds movement, how prices move and why - and more importantly, describes in detail the systems and strategies he uses on a daily basis to profit from the betting exchanges. With a background in both financial trading and sports betting, Bailey explains how we can merge those two disciplines to understand the market and find ways to finally beat the books. Bailey focuses largely on horseracing but the principles and strategies described within this book can be applied to most sports. Topics include weight of movement, swing trading, scalping, betting in-running, financial spread-trading, Dutching, support and resistance, arbitrage, trading psychology and creating your own trading plan.

Sports Trading on Betfair

Wayne Bailey,
19 Apr 2015, 02:28