About WBR

  • Wayne Bailey leads our small team of punters/traders
  • We provide place lays for the UK and Irish horseracing markets
  • On average, there are 5-10 selections per day
  • This is a place lay system, based on unique jockey ratings produced by WBR
  • To give people a flavour of what we do, every FIFTH selection is published for FREE on the homepage
  • Subscribers will get a full list of selections sent to their inbox at 11 a.m. each morning


About Wayne Bailey
Wayne was born in Dublin, Ireland and has been involved with horseracing for over 15 years as a punter, trader, owner and sportswriter. He holds a social science degree from University College Dublin and more recently, has studied psychology at Trinity College. An official Betfair accredited trainer, Wayne has contributed to numerous newspapers, magazines and websites down through the years in Britain and Ireland. Wayne currently pens The Betting Ring column for the Irish Independent every Saturday. Wayne's book Sports Trading on Betfair was published in 2015.