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Thursday, 29th September 2016:

*** We recommend that you only lay horses priced up to 16.0 ***

Time Track Horse Status
14:50:00 Brighton Solveigs Song Free selection
14:55:00 Clonmel ******** For subscribers only
15:25:00 Brighton ******** For subscribers only
15:50:00 Newcastle ******** For subscribers only
16:20:00 Newcastle ******** For subscribers only
16:45:00 Warwick Vivas (FR) Free selection
16:55:00 Newcastle ******** For subscribers only
17:05:00 Brighton ******** For subscribers only
19:40:00 Chelmsford City ******** For subscribers only
20:40:00 Chelmsford City ******** For subscribers only

 This is a place lay system, based on unique jockey ratings created by WBR. Every fifth selection is given for free. To get the full list of qualifiers each day, please see our subscription page.

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