Hurdlers ARE Sprinters -- For technique, go to Sprints page


It is an infraction if a competitor:
a. Does not attempt to clear each hurdle.
b. Knocks down any hurdle by hand
c. Advances or trails a leg or foot along the side of and below the height of the hurdle gate.
d. Runs over a hurdle not in the assigned lane.
e. Runs around a hurdle.
f. Impedes another hurdler.

PENALTY: Disqualification from the event.

Hurdles55m/110m, 7 (or 8) steps to first hurdles, then 4 strikes (3 steps) between hurdles (and 1-over), form over hurdle (head down, leg straight out, opposite hand reaches)  --

  • Watch the videos in the DropBox Folder (See main page)
  • Side of Hurdle -- Knee over, bring up high and tight
  • Karate Swan, knee up, then opposite knee up high and quick
  • Hurdling is sprinting
  • Minimize wasted movements
  • Aggressive Rhythm
  • 3 or 4 or 5 steps
  • keep everything in running form
  • Lead Leg Drill -- put hurdle against the wall, step above hurdle
    • -- target on hurdle -- that is where heel should be
    • -- pick knee up and fall against wall with foot above the mark
    • -- need to be leaning in to wall
    • -- keep chin up
    • -- opposite elbow forward
    • -- more important to do them right
    • -- read the watch & grab the wallet -- need to be close to sprint arms
  • Lead foot Against Wall, Read the Watch, 5 Rights & 5 Lefts
    • -- DQ if touch with hand
  • Reach for the Wall over the Hurdle; just one side -- 2 feet from wall
    • -- lean first
    • -- knee must stay above the ankle the whole time
    • -- keep the heel close to the body -- makes it faster
    • -- switch sides
    • -- can move hurdle back about 5 steps
  • Partner Drill -- knee over hurdle -- grab outside hand and pull them across
  • N Foot over end of hurdle -- back and forth over end
  • Knee over end of hurdle -- 
  • Under/Over Drill -- foot under, squat, under -- get hips going
  • Knock Down Drill -- hurdles down on the track -- go over all 5 hurdles
    • good for getting the rhythm down to 5-step or 4-step or 3-step