Welcome to Wayland Track and Field!  Track and Field is a great opportunity for fun, fitness, and character building!  We believe that track and field is an equal opportunity sport!  Students don’t have to be the fastest runner, best jumper or furthest thrower to be successful.  Every athlete can improve their individual times and distances with good attitude and work ethic.  We encourage athletes to look for every positive they can.  We will help them set realistic goals and work toward them.  Our goal is to teach your student the fundamentals, improve individual performance, and be competitive as a team.  We want to help your student create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Parents/guardians, please register with your athlete using the link below!  -- Coach Antel and Coach Wissner

General Points and Tips
  • Cheer on everyone!  It is a team effort to win a meet.  We win and lose as a team.
  • Everyone works on their Personal Records at every meet.
  • Stand around the track, cheer people on!
  • Need a couple parents to video record; especially exchanges, block starts, finishes, hurdles, and field events.
  • Many athletes have a 5-6 year track career ahead, possibly 9-10 year track career!
Middle School
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