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"Virtual" Rail Trail Tour

Pictures of Wayland Rail Trail East to West

Most of these videos are submitted by Amateurs but you start to get the Idea of what the trails are like. If you have a favorite rail trail video or picture of the Wayland Rail Trail please send it to us.

Rail trails rise above skeptics - Milford, Ma Mason learning ride his bike - video at bottom of article - 3 mins
The Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in Adams, MA 2 mins on rail trail
Nashua River Rail Trail Ayer, MA - Fast forward video thru the whole trail notice how green and how peaceful ( except for the music) 9 mins
Assabet River Rail Trail in Hudson, MA - Video tour 5 mins
1 Hour  C-Span coverage of Federal Report that covers the environmental, energy and health benefits of walking and biking

   View of Sudbury River          View of Great Meadows Wild Life
      From Rail Bridge                            Refuge