Game Information

2016 Game Information
10/14/16- Wayland vs. Acton- (T) 0-0
Wayland Warriors played an intense nail biter against Acton today. We put pressure on their defense and were able to keep their offense at bay. Solid work by the entire team!

10/13/16- Wayland vs. Lincoln (W) 3-0
What a great win team! Multiple goals scored by our offense and our defense did a great job keeping the ball from being in a scoring position. The team worked well together and communicated well in order to get a big win. Congrats Warriors!

10/6/16 Wayland vs. Sudbury (L) 4-0
Tough loss today for Wayland against a strong team. Our defense played a good game against a strong offense. Despite a great effort by the entire team we were unable to make up those goals. Good lessons learned against a good team. 

10/4/16- Wayland vs. Westford (W) 1-0
Great game today! Our team worked together to shut down the Blanchard offense and Wayland made several attempts at scoring goals. We've been working hard and setting goals to stick together and hustle as a team and it paid off. Great team effort today!

9/27/16- Wayland vs. Watertown (L) 1-3
In a tough game versus the Watertown "A Team", we fell short by 2 goals. Our team has a lot to be proud of, with several saves on goal, well executed plays and great hustle all around. Our offense was able to take a few shots on a tough Watertown defense and came up with one goal. Great effort team!

9/26/16- Wayland vs. Waltham- (W) 2-1
Great WIN today for Wayland! Our offense was spectacular moving the ball up the field and keeping it in Waltham territory. Our defense responded well to any pressure brought our way by Waltham and deflected several shots on goal. Keep up the good work and hustle team!

9/23/16-Wayland vs. Acton (L) 0-1
Tough loss today versus Acton Grey. Wayland played great defense and held off Grey until the final minutes of the game. Wayland offense made a fantastic effort to score and tie up the game but played against a tough Acton defense. We had great momentum and hustle throughout the entire game and should be proud of the hard work put forth by every member of the team! 

9/22/16- Wayland vs. Lincoln tied 0-0.
Great effort today by Wayland. There were several saves by our goal keeper that helped keep the score at zero and great work by our defense as well. Offense worked hard moving the ball up the field and on multiple occasions fell just short of scoring a goal. We have a lot to be proud of during our season opener. Keep up the solid work ladies!