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Middle School Representative: Bethann Monahan (

School Year 2010-2011 Accomplishments

The MS has continued their paper and bottle recycling program this year, improving the consistency and volume of materials collected. Every classroom has a blue bin for paper and an orange bucket for bottles. Additionally, there are containers placed in hallways and communal areas for this purpose. Students in all grades empty the classroom containers on a regular basis and students in study hall process the materials two times per week. 

The school continues to plant and tend the organic vegetable garden, including 7th grade students as they are available. The MS will begin a pilot of food composting and tray recycling in the month of June for 7th grade. The pilot will have students composting fruits and vegetables and the kitchen staff will rinse the buckets each day. 

We will begin to collect polystrene trays that are relatively free of food debris. This smaller experience will allow for assessment of a potentially larger implementation with ReFoamIt in Framingham in the Fall. If feasible, a larger program would require all trays to be rinsed in a large container of water provided by kitchen staff. According to ReFoamIt, Wellesley has been successfull with this model. 

The MS has struggled with consistent student and faculty involvement in Green initiatives, owing to the very busy schedule of both staff and students. One idea may be to have homeroom "Green Ambassadors" that meet at lunch one letter day every week or two to discuss projects and promote environmental education.