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In 2011 the Green Team worked with each of the schools teachers, administrative and custodial staff, and the kids, to fine tune the recycling systems. In all the schools recycling was already far advanced, and the Team helped by bringing in more color-coded bins and refining  instructions with tip sheets and stickers. The one large gap - recycling in the Loker lunchroom - was successfully plugged.

The Green Team also proudly collaborates with Pat Conaway of Big Heart Little Feet.  Pat is a retired Wayland school teacher and a resident of Natick. Wayland is one of the many towns where he runs the Buddy Bin Program. 
Pat explains the basic program: 
  1. Build the Bin out of Kennel Wire ($54 per roll at Lowe’s) (makes about 30 “buddy bins.”) (To build a bin: wire cutters and a pair of pliers--takes about 25 minutes)
    Tape on a laminated sign ($1)
    Place next to outdoor trash barrels in parks, schools, fields, playgrounds, trailheads.
    Empty every 3 or 4 days (leaving 6-8 bottles in the bottom to indicate purpose of bin)
    Get help from local DPW to secure a place to bring the recyclables. Natick has 8 96-gal totes at the DPW Yard where I bring them. Wayland, a little more complicated: I collect them in 96-gal Totes (modified w/ breathing and drain holes) which they have loaned to me; then I borrow a friend’s truck to take them to the Recycle Center.
    Crew is all volunteer. Emptying the individual bottles and cans is slightly annoying (many of which are 1/2 - 2/3 full); but clearly underscores the concept of “reduce “ in reduce, reuse, recycle. I can empty a bin in about 2 minutes.
    Success rate is phenomenal. (very little trash in them). People want to do the right thing.
        Photo: the Buddy Bin at Alpine Field

As Pat notes, Wayland town does not pick up the recyclables at parks and fields. It is Pat with his trailer or his friend's truck, and his Buddy Bin Buddies, who makes it happen. Without Pat, all those recyclables would go into the trash! Please contact Pat to volunteer, or call the Town and register your complaint about this oversight in our town's services!

To help, below are the Buddy Bin locations in Wayland (as of 4/12/11). They require a weekly check and emptying down (remember to leave 8-12 bottles/cans in the bottom of the bins). You can empty them into modified Toters at Cochituate Ballfield and Town Building. If you have the time, place glass bottles in a separate clear bag in the Toter. HS students just leave clear bags on the loading dock behind the cafeteria (no need to separate glass). Pat thanks you for your help.

> Hannah Williams Playground (4)
> Wayland Town Beach (3) 
> Cochituate Ball Field (4) (6 Recycle Totes - south side of Bathroom Building)
> WMS (4) (softball and baseball field) (Front Door)
> WHS (Tennis Courts) (2)
> WHS (Football field) (7)
> WHS Campbus (8) WHS Softball Field (1) WHS basketball courts (1)
> Town Building Parking Area (3) (Baseball Field (2) (2 Recycle Totes outside Senior Center)
> Town Building Baseball Field (center field) (1)
> Alpine Field (4) including Tot Lot Playground
> Claypit Hill School Fields (3)

Photos: buddy bins at the Wayland Town Beach
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