Earth Day 2012 Recap

The Muses

Segway Rides

Climate Change Game in progress


Young carpenters

Wayland Beekeepers

A smooth ride!

Diamond dancers

Molly explains the LEES plans

Bike repair workshop

Unmanned table 

Kaat the beekeeper

More Muses

More crowds

People, people everywhere

Wayland Green Team & Transition Wayland presented
and it was a huge success

Over 60 exhibitors were joined by an estimated 400 visitors. There were over 40 raffle prizes. The proceeds will go to the Wayland Schools PTO Green Team.
Thank you!

Enjoy these images of before, during and after (click to enlarge)

To see the original page with the list of exhibitors, performances, raffle items, 
and schedule, click here

Press Coverage

 Photos from Before and After

Putting the finishing touches to the Billboards


Billy's drawing for Earth Day

Putting up the tents

Molly and Kaat sort out the trash, recycling and compost

Now THIS we call a successful Earth Day. Thanks to our ban on soda cans and water bottles, and our vendor's eco-friendly cups
and plates, there was just one single bag of real trash generated (the bag at the left); the rest was all recycled or composted.
Well done Wayland!