Wildcat Dance

Why is Dance included in public education?

The MDE (Michigan Department of Education) concluded that, based on research, students with an education in the arts outperform others by virtually every measure.


Dance can also help you keep your smarts! Research studies show that students who practice a performing art excel farther academically then students who do not.



Dance is a great way to stay in shape. While having fun, you will also be getting fitness and sport benefits such as: improved coordination, kinesthetic awareness, balance, speed, agility, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.



Not only will dance help you get into shape physically, it will also provide you with an experience that will boost your self-image, give you more confidence, foster your decision making and group cooperation skills, all while giving you a chance to really express yourself.

What is Dance?  Dance is defined as: A spatial and temporal art form which uses nonverbal language in movement to create meaning.

What kind of Dance can you learn in high school? We provide instruction in many different genres of dance including: contemporary, lyrical ballet, modern, hip-hop, tap and jazz.