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 Hello fellow WA-X members this sites goal is to enhance your riding experience by providing maps and directions allowing you to quickly decide where to ride and to easily download all the information needed to have "Fun - Friends - Safety - Knowledge" & Adventure all at your finger tips. When you click the "Maps" tab you will find a "quadrant" file that breaks the area into four parts. Choose the quadrant where you want to go, select view or download to preview your map, click the URL link and away you go. After you choose view or download click on details to get turn by turn directions.
  The "Ranger Station Phone" file is a great tool to check out the road conditions and any hazards such as logging operations or road construction so for safety sake please use those numbers when going into the mountains.

New Things Coming To Our Map Site:
Riders be sure to check out our new GPX files that match the Google Maps. Find a route you like on the maps, go to the matching GPX file and download to your PC, Garmin, Flash Drive, or whatever you use. Should work on Michaels Harley, Larrys 2018-1800, and any device using GPX format.
Also, phone users may download the Google Maps to your phone. Click view map and follow the "download to phone".  

Google Maps:
Most, if not all, of the Google Maps (PDF) files do not include rest stops, fuel stops, or food stops, so be sure to plan your route to include all your stops.

Linux Users:
Xubuntu 18.04 - I just downloaded GPX maps to my Garmin Zumo 395 directly from this site and also by first saving to file on my pc then moving to.