Hello and welcome to my old site.  Thanks for visiting! Please look around and enjoy yourself. Inside you'll find paintings, animationsIllustrations -and a few surprises.
I currently keep an up to date 'blog' of illustrations - which are my latest works. You can see them  here if you like.

The painting pages now contain seventeen pages of indexed images. They catalogue much of my recent work and I hope you enjoy browsing through them. 

 Of the works you will find here, some are already in private collections, some are for sale- and some of the paintings are merely there for fun. 

My most recent paintings are here.

Apologies, I just noticed googlepages has gargled the site thumbnails (aaarggggh!). You can still look at most of the paintings if you click the title.

Quick Update: 24th December 2010

I'd like to invite you to the Seven Painters next show, opening at the John Paynter Gallery, Hunter Street Newcastle, this Friday Night 29th January, 2010 at 6.00 PM. The exhibition runs for three weeks until 14th February 2010. Gallery opening Wed and Thursday, 10 till 4. Friday To Sunday, 10 to 5. 

Hope to see you there!

You can read more about the group here if you like.

Quick Update: 13th November 2009
I've recently started doing illustrations for "Illustration Friday" - some dark, some whimsical. You can find them here. Please feel free to leave a comment!
Update March 5th 2009

Well, in the next few weeks I'll be having a show with Robert Birch and Sieglinde Battley - which is exciting to say the least. Both Bob and Siggy are international artists of widely held esteem and I've been painting hard to keep up my part of the show....

The show is at the John Paynter Gallery in Hunter Street Newcastle and opens on Black Friday, 13th March.

You can see some of the work that will be hung in the show  here:

I've also made a small linking website so you can check out Bob and Siggy's biographies and paintings.

Hope to see you on opening night at 6.00 pm! 

Updated September 28th 2008

In the next few weeks the delightful painter Patricia Williamsz, the well known sculptorTom Ireland and myself will be having a show at the NAS gallery. You can find a copy of the invitation  here  So please come along!  Opening night is Friday 10th Ocober. There is a map on the invitation.

I will be updating this site as more paintings come from the studio. I am presently working on a series of French landscapes and they will be up soon.

In a nutshell: Six weeks in France was good. Full of cheese and red wine and soft light. What else could a painter ask for? (apart from a good juicy tube of Cadmium Orange).

On an entirely different note, I've just had the honour of being the feature artist in an online magazine. It's pretty exciting to get your work on the cover of a magazine! You can download it here.

As for the "Seven Painters" our show last year was an oustanding success - for both the "Seven Painters" group and myself. In addition to several private collections, one painting went to the Historical Trust that represents the Lock Up historical area; another went to the Newcastle Grammar School. (So I guess I am represented in "Public Collections").

I've made a small video of the "Seven Painters"" work set to Vivalldi.  You can watch it here if you like.

many, many cheers

Andrew Finnie 


September 2008 Update: Animations,

11th July 2008 Update: Animations, 2 award winning animations added. Illustrations:  from a childrens' book in progress.  

21St August 4 New Paintings

21 St August: One new Animation/movie.