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In Melbourne the other day to see the Guggenheim Show. (Not bad but the Aboriginal Work in the other gallery put it to shame.)

Also caught up with the Pixar Show. Pixar displayed the importance of the storyboard in the their animating process. The storyboard's were mounted in beautiful strips of juxtaposed scenes.

I started thinking: "what if the process were reversed?"

The next morning it was eleven degrees. On our early morning ramble I stumbled upon this merry go round. I took a few photographs before I actually looked at the expressions on the horses faces. Hmm. 

"So these were made for little kids?" I asked myself.

Method: The movie itself is made with the animation program anim8or. I made a montage of my photographs, and applied them as a  texture map to a plane of the right dimensions and then filmed them in scene mode.

This was the result. Maybe you'll like it.  Maybe you won't.... (It's presently leading to this project...)

Subtitle: "Why do men have nightmares?".




The Movie


Directions: Plug in your speakers and click the play button twice...