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Simple and Clean Animations


 Underwater.                          - Dolphins lead a Submariner to an Underwater City


A Winter's Tale.                       - award winning animation based on a Hiroshige woodblock.


30 Second Commercial               - commercial Animation for a Website


Fly                                            - dreamtime landcape of birds and spitfires


Strange Worlds                         - award winning animation; the brief was to make a strange

                                                  world of interactive inhabitants (sometimes I worry about my sanity)


In the Barrel                              -   a kneeboarder's view of the breaking wave (stills below).


Mind Surfing                            -  in the future your avatar is the only reality. Work in progress.


The Merry Go Round                  - A small film about the dark side of a Melbourne merry go round.  


The Devil's Altar                        -   based on a book I found on personal shrines.


Odd and Strange and Just Plain Boring Animations



The Magician and the Mermen   -  a magician sends himself to a oceanic end.


Falling Man                                -  the observer becomes the observed in a Magritte like manner. 


Magician, Messiah                     - a magician undergoes a reincarnating metaphorphosis: 


Thus Saith the Lord                   - a short version of Magician Messiah set to Handel.