OBSA 2012

Pacific Hermeneutics

OBSA is co-hosting the Pacific Hermeneutics Seminar (Aug 28-29) with
  • University of the South Pacific, Tonga campus
  • Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga
  • Pacific Conference of Churches
  • Sia'atoutai Theological College, Tonga
  • Pasifika@Massey, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Talanoa Oceania
The sessions will be held at the Lopaukamea Hall, University of the South Pacific (Tonga campus)

Theme: Scriptures and ta-‘anga in the islands

The theme is inspired by the Tongan word ta‘anga, whose chief meanings are lyric (poem, song) and composition (performed in cultural dances). Ta‘anga also refers to the cutting of trees for the making of homes, the building of rafts and boats, and the weaving and lashing of tools and of wares. Ta‘anga is therefore about art, and the theme invites presentations that weave Scriptures with different forms (in words, movements, crafts) of arts in the islands.

      In hyphenating the word, ta-‘anga, the theme evokes other connotations. The word tā means draw (on paper, ground, sand), carve (wood, rock, sea), conduct (a choir), hit (punish), instruct (discipline), break (disconnect), link (connect), and cut (of firewood, and of umbilical cord). There is room for exploring the intersection of Scriptures with these offshoots as well.

      In using “islands” (instead of Oceania) the theme invites particularity. What for instance might be Scriptures and ta-‘anga in Kioa or Tarawa, Savai‘i or Uvea, in particular, rather than in groups (e.g., Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Oceania)? This affirmation of particularity is in part because Scriptures and ta-‘anga tend to be more local than global or universal.

Jione Havea,
Aug 21, 2012, 2:17 PM