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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

(Deadline: 31 May 2010)


Conference Theme:

“Climate Change in Oceania: Biblical and Theological Responses”

You are welcome to submit a proposal on the designated theme of the fono – “Climate Change in Oceania” – from a biblical and/or theological standpoint.  Or, you can focus on:
  • Examining ways in which biblical and theological scholarships contribute (negatively and/or positively) to our attitude, understanding and response to the global and regional ecological crises and disasters.  One of the options can be a critical evaluation of ecological hermeneutics or the various modes of eco-theologies to highlight their contributions and to expose their limits.
  • Offering alternative methods for biblical interpretation and doing theology using Oceanic cultural resources and considering Oceanic ecological issues.  This is an opportunity to introduce and showcase indigenous methods and theologies.
  • Charting ways of interpreting and theologising to foster biblical and theological scholarship in the region and to meet the challenge(s) of the 21st century.  This provides a space for a dialogue between Western and Oceanic modes of interpretation and theologising.
  • Tracing the history (reception, translation and use) of the bible in the various islands of Oceania and its impact on Oceanic cultures and vice versa.
  • Other themes that are deemed relevant and appropriate.

Submit all proposals by email to obsamail@gmail.com. The registration fee for the conference is NZ$50.00, with a special rate of NZ$30.00 for students.

Nasili Vaka'uta,
Feb 7, 2010, 3:58 PM
Nasili Vaka'uta,
Feb 7, 2010, 3:59 PM