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Talanoa Oceania 2011

Talanoa Oceania 2011 Conference

28 - 30 November 2011 | Massey University | Albany, Auckland

Pasifika@Massey of Massey University will host the Talanoa Oceania 2011 Conference at its Albany campus, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand from 28 to 30 November 2011. The designated theme for the 2011 conference is 'Niu-flavours"

As explained during the 2010 gathering in Sydney, Australia, the term niu is playful: Niu is one of the words for coconut, and it anticipates new-ness. Talanoa Oceania 2011 invites Pacific Islanders to be both - to display not only what and who we are, but also what we have invented and/or accomplished.

Niu Flavours is about celebrating the achievements of the Pacific Islands (PIs) in diaspora. Rather than dwelling on the pains and miseries of migration, the time has come to celebrate what PIs have accomplished in various sectors of society.

Niu Flavours is about how the generations of Pacific diaspora readjusted their cultures to fit their new homes away from their 'home' islands.

Talanoa Oceania 2011 hopes to display every 'flavour' that PIs have discovered or invented along the process of transition in diaspora. We expect papers, performances and presentations to revolve around thoses 'flavours'.

The call for papers is now out - all papers need to be submitted on-line by use of the speaker portal. The deadline for abstracts is 7 October 2011. Please click on the link to submit your abstract on-line: http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/learning/departments/pace/services/conference-services/upcoming-events/talanoa-oceania-2011-conference.cfm