Music Opportunities


Chancel Choir

The chancel choir is a traditional four-part mixed choir that meets weekly for rehearsal and sings almost every Sunday from September through mid-June. The music the choir sings is varied to reflect the flavor for each service and is selected to be challenging, educational for the singers, meaningful for the congregation and above all, enjoyable for all!

Waverly Ringers

With the donation of a two octave set of Schulmerich hand chimes and a loan of three octaves of Petit et Fritsen handbells, the ringing program at Waverly was born in 2005, thanks to the generosity and encouragement of Sue Garton and the East Liberty Presbyterian Church.  Waverly Ringers handbell choir meets weekly from September through mid-June and performs four to five times a year.   This group is open to anyone who has an interest in music but may not have had much musical training.  And, as anyone who has ever picked up a handbell or chime will tell you, ringing is just darn addictive!

 Praise Group

The Praise Group is an informal collaboration between many of Waverly’s most talented individuals. Though the group does not meet regularly, they almost always contribute in one form or another to worship on a monthly basis. This group also tends to form and reshape itself into many combinations over the summer. Membership is on a voluntary basis and depends on volunteers’ time commitments as well as instrumentation. The Praise Group typically chooses music that is more contemporary or folk in nature and also joins the choir and congregation in praise hymns or rock-flavored arrangements.



Music is as important to our youth as it is our adult population and there is again an astonishing wealth of talent in our younger generation. The many equally talented but more seasoned adult volunteers help bring out the spirit and joy in our youth by encouraging and coaching their musical offerings. The youth music program is less formal than our adult programs, but youth share their talents in worship at least six to eight times a year.

Sunday School Singers

The Sunday School Singers engage in music weekly in their Sunday School Activities, thanks to the musical talents of our Youth Programs Director, Jean Bird. This age group includes youth from pre-school to sixth grade and their offerings are always enjoyed. Often, these children will include signing in their offerings.

Jr./Sr. High Youth Band

The Jr./Sr. High Youth Band has undergone many transformations over the years as soccer practices and other activities come and go. However, their musical offerings have always been engaging and well worth “shaking things up!”  The many talents of this group have enjoyed exploring the music of different eras.