Sallie Wormer, Director of Music Ministry

Music at Waverly

Our music program offers everyone the opportunity to explore their relationship to God, their spiritual selves, and the Waverly community.

Just as diversity is important to our mission as a church, we seek to learn and share a diverse repertoire of music so that all have the chance to hear something that speaks directly to them.  From traditional hymns to gospel, classical to rock, Christian contemporary to blue grass, our music embraces not only our own representative cultures, but those which influence us, challenge us, and shape us. 

All Waverly choirs and musical groups are composed solely of volunteers.  There is such a wealth of talent at Waverly that another goal of the music program is participation.  With today’s busy schedules, not everyone can commit to a typical choir rehearsal schedule so we also try to get as much individual and small group participation as schedules permit.  All of the individual music programs focus on building the Waverly community through fellowship and fun, as well as creating incredible music together.  Those interested in participating can join in at any time. There is something for everyone in Waverly’s music programs!

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