Stewardship Campaign - Looking Ahead to 2011

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Dear Friends,

The mustard tree of Scripture (Matthew 13:31; 17:20 and Mark 4:31) is a magnificent plant that can grow from a tiny seed to 15-20 feet in height.  Still found along the banks of the Jordan, near the Sea of Galilee, and near Damascus, this tree is expansive, stretching nearly as wide as it is tall. Its branches start to grow very low to the ground, offering comforting shade and support to a multitude of birds and other creatures.  It offers sustenance with its royal purple fruit. 

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Waverly’s reach is equally expansive. We are reaching out to our neighbors near and far.  Through our mission and ministry we, as individuals and as a community of faith, are also being fed and we’re growing.  Our audacity to reject the sense of scarcity that pervades the world we live in is a celebration and a public witness.  Our boldness comes from our knowing God’s abundant and steadfast love, grace, and generosity.  Having heard God’s whispers and having recognized his fingerprints on us and our efforts, we enjoy being firmly rooted.

Building upon our continued commitment to be a warm and welcoming congregation that is uplifted by our lively worship and mission focus, we are witnessing God’s presence in our active partnerships with House of Manna, East End Cooperative Ministries, and Crestfield Camp and Conference Center.  Having the opportunity to grow through their mission trip in West Virginia this summer, the young people in our youth group are empowered.  Many of them will apply their rich experience to what they learn as members of this year’s Confirmation Class.  Adding to this summer experience, many of them spent a night outside earlier this month learning about our community’s homeless.

As we look ahead to 2011, I would like to ask you to continue to pray for Waverly, our Session and its committees, and Beckie.  I also would like to ask you to prayerfully consider how you might be willing to intentionally respond to God’s faithfulness in the coming year with gifts of time, talents, and treasure.  If you have not considered working toward a tithe in the past, I hope that you will consider how you might do so, perhaps in incremental stages that represent your growing relationship with God.  

On Sunday, November 7, we will celebrate Consecration Sunday during worship.  We will give thanks for the many gifts that God entrusts to each of us and offer our responses.  As part of this service, I hope that you will join the members of Session in completing the enclosed Estimate of Giving card for 2011 and bringing it to worship as we come together to offer our ongoing commitments to further the Kingdom of God. 

As a community of faith we continue to faithfully respond to God’s call.  Thank you for all that you do for Waverly and your willingness to boldly proclaim God’s love.

                                                                                     All of God’s blessings,


Tom Golightly, Chair

Stewardship Committee

“. . .  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."        Matthew 17:20