Children's Ministry/Youth Group

Our heart and core is in our young people.

Our Christian Education Committee coordinates our many programs and activities for our young people - infants through teens. They also:

  • coordinate nursery care during worship and special events;
  • mission and fellowship activities; and
  • special events specifically for children, youth and young adults.

The goals of our programs and activities for children and youth include:

  • Education – what it means to be a Christian
  • Fellowship – being together in a way that reflects who we are as Christians
  • Participation – being involved in the life of the church through worship, mission, education and fellowship


A Sampling of our Youth Programming:

  • Sunday School for all ages
  • Confirmation Class for Jr. Highs
  • Sunday School Stewardship Program, including One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Youth Groups
  • Waverly Youth Opera House
  • ReCreation and Talk Time (August weekly summer program for all ages)
  • Youth Mission Trips (every three years)
  • Children and Youth Music Programs (Sunday School Singers, Praise Bands, Guitar Band)
  • Waverly Wuppets (Puppet Ministry performed by youth)
  • Yearly attendance at Camp Crestfield
  • Children and Youth Sunday
  • Ping Pong Tournaments
  • Christmas Fest (mission and fellowship activities for families)
  • Worship at Forbes Nursing Facility (twice a year)
  • Youth Retreat
  • Annual CROP Walk
  • Meal Preparation and Serving at East Liberty Men’s Shelter