What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a new communication and collaboration tool.  Although the ideas and implementation were developed at Google, Wave includes an open source reference implementation and an open federation protocol that enables individuals and organisations to participate in and contribute to a distributed network of wave providers.

What is the Miniconf about?

The Google Wave team is organising a Miniconf at linux.conf.au to provide the Wave community a forum in which to share ideas, techniques and code. We will have a variety of talks covering various aspects of Google Wave, from APIs to federation to independent implementations to research.  Check the schedule for more details, and join us on this discussion wave to let us know what you want you're interested in hearing about.

When is the Miniconf?

The first day of LCA workshops - Monday, January 18th. 

Who can attend?

Any registered attendees of LCA 2010. 

Can talks still be submitted?

We still have one 30-minute slot open and multiple 5-minute lightning talks open. You can submit talk ideas on the discussion wave or using this form.
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