subscription service for anyone interested. I charge a mere 2.5 bitcoins/month for daily charting emails relating to bitcoin. To get started, just personal message (PM) me with your email or email me directly 

Please let waveaddict know that you were referred by Otoh when contacting him, if you'd like this site to develop as envisaged with history of all updates/charts & member's forums etc, many thanks!

After I get your email, I will send you a personal payment address which you will send the 2.5 bitcoins to in order for your subscription to begin. Furthermore, your subscription will start on the day you send the coins and will last for 1 month from that day. 
If you would like to continue getting emails after that first month, just send me another 2.5 coins towards the ending days of your subscription and you will be signed up for another month starting from the ending day of your first subscription. 
If you would like to pay a couple months in advance, then just let me know and we can set that up as well.

With a discount being offered for taking out a 6 months subscription (1 month free) 12.5 BTC

Also there is a premium subscription service which costs a flat 15 BTC for 6 months

You receive more of a personalized service from me regarding trading, where I would share with you how I am trading my own bitcoins and why.
This type of subscription is unique from my regular daily emails since this type of service would 'not' at all be vague in regards to trading advice from my charting. I would pretty much share with you exactly how I am actively trading every situation that comes up. 
The true benefit of being a premium member is that you can ask me any trading question/idea that you might have; this addition of the premium service is where the true value lies.
Unlike the daily basic emails, I will send out 'premium only' emails periodically depending on whether or not the advice that I gave in the previous 'premium only' email still holds. 
Furthermore, I will periodically send out trading tips even if the trading advice from my previous email still holds. So, get in the habit of not expecting a 'premium only' email every day, since some weeks you could get one or two, while other weeks you could get multiple 'premium only' emails every day.

<insert example of typical chart sent>

I currently have a few of you guys who are subscribing to my separate charting service that tracks pretty much any investment...just name it. Silver is definitely the popular one at the moment. I merely charge 0.5 bitcoins per asset class per month for weekly emails. So, for example, if you want silver updates for one month, it will cost you .5 for four weekly emails. If you want silver and the S&P500 for one month it will cost you 1 bitcoin for four weekly emails on both. Feel free to add individuals stocks to the long list of indices, commodities, currencies, bonds, etc. Everything in these larger markets use the exact same rules that I am presenting for you with this current bitcoin subscription so the emails will look extremely familiar.

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Current member pool: ** subscribers, with ** being premium 
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or shorter version:

[url=http://goo.gl/z1N8i]waveaddict's charting subscription services[/url]

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