AMC heads cracked

how screwed am I? 

September 9th, 2007

So, after purchasing a project '87 Westy for my wife, I'm finally starting 'the project'. I started to inspect the heads that the previous owner's mechanic said were cracked. That one side seems to be a pretty big crack. I was hoping it would just be a head gasket, guess not.  Opinions?  Pics:

A pic of the head: 

The right side close-up:

The crack is far from a hairline fracture which, I have heard from a couple people, is acceptable. Looks like there is a little gouge in that groove. The other side has a slight crack in the same location. How bad is it? Did I just buy a one way ticket to Newheadsville?

 Newheadsville it is. That crack is way too big, and I don't want to do this again. So, I got a nice set of used AMC heads off of They look to be in very good shape:

 Another of the valves:

My plan is to grind down the keepers a bit, and possibly get new valves. More, when I take them apart...

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