88 Vanagon GL steel wheels

steel wheel paint jobĀ 

November 11th, 2007

Well, the Fuchs came off and were replaced w/ stock 14" steel wheels. Mounted on them are Michelin LTX tires. When I got them they were in dire need of a good wire brushing and some paint! Well, I finally got around to it. The pics:


Primer(2 coats):

POR15'ed the drums when the rear tires were off:

After 2 coats of primer (Rustoleum Professional 7582838 - Gray Primer), 2 coats of enamel (Rustoleum Professional high performance enamel 7519838 - Stainless Steel):

Kind of crappy pictures, they were taken w/ my 1.2 megapixel shop camera. I primered the rotor and the grease caps before mounting the tire on the fronts. Glad I did, when everything was mounted, and torqued, I hit the bolts w/ a couple of coats as well. I hope they hold up, it's my first time painting rims so it's a new experience. Here's the overall look:

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