87 Westfalia Engine work

and so it begins..... 

October 30, 2007 

The original engine has finally come out! Whew, that took a while. Time has been at a premium since I started my new job. My schedule has leveled out a bit, so last night, came home, put my coveralls on, and dropped the engine. 

This engine is the original power plant, and has approx. 185K miles on it. The previous owner ran it hot for who knows how long, and cracked the head (singular until I get the other one off). I got a replacement 2.1L off of thesamba.com for $180 complete, which appears to be in very good condition. According to previous owner, ran very strong, had a supposed rebuild (no paper work), and has new AMC heads. It's better than what I've got now, and for $180, it's almost a disposable engine.

Anyhow, here are the removal pics from last night. My trusty manual powered crane:

After I disconnect everything (hoses, wires, etc.....). I jack up the engine to hold up pressure, undo the 4 bolts that hold the black carrier to the frame and slowly lower it down onto a drip pan that is sitting on the ground. The hand crank that I use, has 2 directions, and is easily reversible (got it Lowe's). The engine is carefully separated from the transmission, then, in this case, the torque converter is tied back to avoid it coming out:

Now you have an engine sitting on top of a drip pan on the ground. Put your back into it, and drag that engine into your shop, using the rope attached to the drip pan:

That engine is actually gonna get stored for a while. I'm going to put the other 2.1L on the stand and go through it a bit before installing it. More pictures to come!

Update: The engine has been on the stand for some time now. I'm dealing w/ a broken exhaust stud on the right head and is being a bear. Lots of drilling, and more patience than I thought I had. Here's a picture of it on the stand:

 Now, the exhaust stud was broken by previous owner and someone tried a slash job on the stud. Not pretty. On the bright side, I'm learning the wonderful art of extraction! I present to you, hack and slash:

Close up:

I've made a bit of progress, but not much. The machinists at my work were nice enough to lend me some center drills, extraction tools, and some HSS bits. The center drills are very slowly cutting the old stud, but I am afraid they are getting dull. I will update as progress is made. And when I'm done, perhaps you will see the fireworks, if you live close to Everett. More to come...

For the snapped stud, I ended up removing the head, and one of the machinists at my old company put it on a manual mill and popped it out in 2 seconds. 

Update November 9th, 2008:

The engine is finally done! After a long winter, spring, and fall (and 8 heli-coils), I just tightened the last of the bolts on the exhaust.




  It feels good to have this done. Hopefully in the next week I will be able to re-install the motor. Then, off to the body shop!

 Update December 29th, 2008


My friend Zoltan came over yesterday to help w/ the first fire up. After adding coolant, double checking all connections, and a slight distributor adjust, she fired up! The engine started w/ little hesitation, and hummed at a very steady idle. There was no stumbling, hesitation, or idle surge. I was very impressed considering that the engine has been sitting for a year and a half!

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