Parent Info

Parent volunteers are always welcome inside the classrooms.  If you would like to come in and volunteer please talk to your child's teacher to find out the best time that works for you and the class.  Parents are always welcome into the classroom to play and participate with their child.  Thank you for all of the support that you provide.  


TLC Preschool Calendar for 2017-2018

August 8                  Open House 6:30-7:30pm

August 15                M.W.F Preschool Program starts

September 4            Labor Day Closed

September 5            Junior Fair Day No preschool

September 14          School Pictures- For All Upstairs Group's & Miss Tessa's T-Th group

September 15         School Pictures- For Miss Tessa's M.W.F group & Kindergarten Readiness Groups

September 18         Field Trip to Apple Orchard- Miss Tessa's M.W.F group 10am

September 19          Field Trip to Apple Orchard- Miss Tessa's T.TH group and Miss Ashley's group 10:00am 

September 20         Field Trip to Apple Orchard- Kindergarten Readiness Class 10am

September 21         Field Trip to Apple Orchard- Miss Alaina's group & Miss Cassandra's group 10am

September 25         No preschool

October 9                 Field Trip to Wauseon Fire Dept.- Miss Tessa's M.W.F group 10am

October 10                Field Trip to Wauseon Fire Dept.- Miss Tessa's T. TH. group & Miss Ashley's group 10am

October 11                Field Trip to Wauseon Fire Dept.- Kindergarten Readiness Class 10am

October 12                  Field Trip to Wauseon Fire Dept.- Miss Cassandra & Miss Alaina's group 10am

October 19               Dad's Day- 10am All upstairs group and Miss Tessa's T.TH group

October 20                Dad's Day- Miss Tessa's M.W.F preschool & Kindergarten Readiness class 10am 

October 25                 Fall Harvest Party for Miss Tessa's M.W.F group & Kindergarten Readiness 

October 26                 Fall Harvest Party for Miss Tessa's T.TH group & Miss Cassandra and Miss Alaina's 

October 27                 No preschool 

November 17             Thanksgiving Feast for all groups & Kindergarten Readiness group 

November 22-24        Thanksgiving Holiday- No preschool 

December 3               TLC Child Care & Trinity Lutheran Church Christmas program @ 3pm 

December 19              Holiday Party for  Miss Tessa's T.TH & Miss Cassandra and Miss Alaina's 

December 20             Holiday Party for Miss Tessa's M.W.F & Kindergarten Readiness

Dec. 21- Jan. 3           No Preschool

January 4                   Welcome Back T.TH & Kindergarten Readiness Group

January                   Welcome Back  M.W.F Preschool

January 12                No preschool

January  15              No preschool - Martin Luther King Holiday

February 15              Valentine Parties  for Upstairs Groups & Miss Tessa T-TH Group

February 16             Valentine Parties for Downstairs Groups & Miss Tessa M.W.F Group

February 19             Presidents Day Holiday- No preschool

March 4-11               Lutheran Schools Week- Special Activities planned

March 12                No preschool

March 13-16            Parent Teacher Conferences

March 26 - April 2     No preschool Easter Break

April 19                    Mom's Tea 10:00am all upstairs group & Miss Tessa's T TH Group

April 20                    Mom's Tea Miss Tessa's M.W.F Preschool Group & Kindergarten Readiness Group 10:00 am

May 14                    End of Year Program for Miss Cassandra, Miss Alaina's, Miss Ashley's Group & BOTH of                                                 Miss Tessa's Group  6:45-8:00pm

May 15                   End of Year Program for Kindergarten Readiness Group 6:45- 8:00

May 22                   Last day for Miss Tessa's T. TH  Preschool Group & Kindergarten Readiness

May 23                     Last day for  Miss Tessa's M.W.F. Preschool  Group

May 28                    Memorial Day - Closed

May 29                     Summer Camp & Summer Fun Starts

July 4                        Center Closed

August 10                 Last Day of Summer Camp & Summer Fun

Fall 2018

Aug 7                  Meet & Greet 6:30-7:30pm

Aug. 15                M.W.F Preschool Program & Kindergarten Readiness Starts

Aug. 16                T-TH Preschool Program Starts


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