What We Do

One of our primary functions as a church is to worship God, providing opportunities for believers to join together in giving expression to our faith.  Worship styles will vary from week to week but lean toward a blend of traditional and contemporary.  On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate the Lord's Supper, also known as Holy Communion.  This sacrament is open to all who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, regardless of your denominational affiliation.  Our schedule of services can be found here.  In addition to worship we believe in teaching, so we offer Bible study classes for all ages during our Sunday School hour at 9:30 AM.  On Wednesday evenings at 7 PM there are specialized ministries for children, youth, families, and adults, and a description of those activities can be found here.

Our church also believes in community service, and we will undertake service projects as those opportunities are identified.  It may be the youth, the men, or the women, but serving our community is part of our mission.  If you are interested in community service or could use practical help in some area, we will be glad to offer as much assistance as possible.