Advanced software research typically needs to be verified and validated by some software development.  However, the majority of software produced by advanced software research has been impractical or incomplete, and put on the shelf when the software research was completed, e.g. by completing a research paper.  This is rather regrettable.  The software research could be advanced but was not really verified and validated; software development tended to be superficial and wasted.  The Workshop on Advanced and Usable Software (WAUS) is intended to be a remedy for this situation.  WAUS is a forum for showcasing and exchanging ideas about advanced and usable software.  It also serves to promote the development and use of practical software produced by advanced software research.

WAUS solicits the submission of high-quality paper and potentially usable software as a complete package.  Each paper/software submission will be evaluated in terms of its originality, technology strength and usability/usefulness.  In particular, each reviewer will run a submitted software to evaluate its usability/usefulness.