Waukesha All City Project Graduation Mission:

To sponsor a safe, chaperoned, alcohol and drug-free, fun-filled celebration for 1,200 high school graduates at Waukesha North, Waukesha South, Waukesha West and Catholic Memorial High Schools. Parents from each of the high schools work together to solicit monetary, merchandise and/or food donations on behalf of all four Project Graduations every year.

Each high school holds its own celebration for their graduating seniors. They are each unique to their school but all include an array of food, beverages, fun games, great music, captivating entertainment and numerous prizes. This is all funded by generous community donations, parent contributions and student admission ticket sales.

2019 Project Graduation Celebrations:

May 26th

Catholic Memorial


June 8th

Waukesha North, South & West

As you consider donating to Project Graduation this year, please remember that since each school has a separate event, all donations will be divided equally among the schools. All donations received will be acknowledged on our website. Donations received by May 10th will appear in the Waukesha All City “Salute” - a program that is distributed to parents, relatives and guests at all four graduation ceremonies. Those received after this date will be included in each of the four individual high schools’ Project Graduation flyers.

Please send your donations or checks payable to "Waukesha All City,"

P.O. Box 2014, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53187- 2014

Email: Waukesha All City Project Graduation