My motorcycle conversion from gas to electric

By Charlie Chipman


Scope of this project:  I will procure a donor motorcycle and convert it to an electric vehicle.  It will be powered by an eight horsepower E-tek style permanent magnet motor and four 12 volt deep cycle batteries.  The controller will be capable of regenerative braking.  I hope to be able to go 45 MPH and have a range of about 25 miles. 
For some reason, some of the pictures are not showing up. They will if you click on the blank picture. Then just arrow back to where you were viewing. (6/30/2011)


February 21, 2011

I picked up the donor bike in the pouring rain.   And hauled it home most of the way in the rain, too.   It is a 1979 Kawasaki KZ650B.  Will start to strip it down tomorrow.  Over the last week, I ordered most of the parts I need to make the conversion to electric.  I’ll post a complete parts list later. 


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