Wat Liab

 Wat Liab : Measured along the dam is located at 116 Street Rd ,  
Ubon Ratchathani. The area under the ecclesiastical Trrmiut 9 rai 1 ngan 37 square wah, founded in November 2391 with the end of the reign of His Majesty King Nang Klao been built upon 3 is measured along the moat. The original abbey in Scopus simple lines . This 44 -year- old abbey abbot had ruled 10 's until the arrival of the Master, the mosques Tipsena Tip Line Casino ( Podium nectar ) are to die down on 2433 , causing measured along a rough draft .

  Logged in as governor Phraya Singh clutching him governor of Ubon . Thus the substances Dame game is the time Chu civil perpetuity. The city is warm Department of elephant gold Chan Family and relatives came along and restored temples . 
Then  I invited Allah 's Holy Synod teachers of color in Scopus simple secondary measure.


    Sao grandfather Allah color Synod has pioneered in building up the Trrmiut bordered on 2534 in the King 5 within the Provost Vivek Buddhist Mission(Saturday ) is the pastor. Along with the game lacking external public NIJ (Chu Prom Wongsasuthikul Non) the SURAPON Chayakorn (warm) Department of Chang Tong Thao Chan. Professor Pat Jacques and Marie Sagka . Sagka series moraine farmers and faith Taiika simultaneously expand further measurements. By building a fence around the temple Monks and permanent.

               Later Sao grandfather Allah 's Synod clemency request Wisugcamsima colors . By Thao Chan rights matter and harp city . To inform the king as William Max Kam parapet. From the March 26, 2439 with the reign of His Majesty King Rama V was the fifth time .