The University of Waterloo Science Fiction Club (WatSFiC) runs a number of Magic: The Gathering tournaments on campus every week. Subscribe to our mailing list, join our Facebook group, and visit our Wizards Community site! Information on our prereleases can be found here, and Game Day information can be found here,

Tuesday Draft

Apr 22, 29 cancelled. Resumes May 6th in PHY 313.

We run a booster draft every Tuesday evening at 6 PM, usually in PHY 313*. There is no entry fee, but players must either provide their own booster packs or purchase them on site ($10 for three packs). For prizes, we do a rare and foil re-draft, which means that all the rares and foils are pooled at the end of the tournament, and players pick from them in finish order. Players must use sleeves if they desire to use any rare or foil cards in their decks, to protect the cards during play. The current draft format is Journey into Nyx/Born of the Gods/Theros.

Friday Night Magic

We play Friday Night Magic (FNM) every Friday evening at 6 PM
FNM Room Bookings are as follows*:
Jan 10th-April 4th: MC 2034
Apr 11: MC 2034
FNM is CANCELLED APRIL 18 for Good Friday
Apr 25: MC 2034
Room bookings for May are TBD

There is no entry fee, but for sealed events players must either provide their own booster packs or purchase them on site ($10 for three packs, $27 for eight packs). The prizes are provided by Wizards, including both the usual FNM foils as well as other promotional cards. We always play a Standard constructed format tournament, which uses cards from the most recent sets, and there is also always an alternate format tournament, which may be either constructed or limited. The alternate formats for upcoming weeks are listed in the event calendar below.

Other Events

Other premier and non-premier tournaments are run throughout the year. Some tournaments are run by the club itself, and others are run by individual club members. Watch the calendar below and/or subscribe to the mailing list to learn more.

Event Calendar

Click on any event for more details.

* for those unfamiliar with UW campus, the following may be helpful:
Map of Campus:
Photos of Math and Computing (MC):
Photos of Physics (PHY):