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The Foxton venue, based at the Wall Family Trust's farm in Motuiti Road just north of Foxton and on the inland side of State Highway 1 is kindly made available for a variety of outdoor sporting activities, and we're grateful to the Trust and the farm manager for extending their hospitality to WATRC.
This is a mixed farm, with grazing stock, forestry and cropping, well fenced and with well formed farm tracks along with interesting trails through both pine and other exotic forest at varying stages of maturity. It is, in a word, a very beautiful farm for riding.
As with most of our venues on the Manawatu plains, it's very flat with just a few sand-hills to provide interest and variety. The highest point on our trails is a little over 30m - the lowest a little under 20m. Grazing paddocks have watering points for stock so that there are plenty of places to water your horse while on the trail.
Farm tracks can become quite hard when dry, and stones do float to the surface, but the going is mostly very good. The trail usually includes a section of Wall Road on the north side of the farm and care should be taken on the metal. In a very wet season, there can be some rutting of the farm tracks and some of the forest trails are in low lying ground and can become soft. Climbing and descending the sand hills can be very soft and hard work for the horses, but these sections tend to be quite short and can be taken slowly.
Really, it's a great venue and tends to be fast because of the flat terrain and relatively few gates to open and close. The challenge here is staying alert to the changes in footing, verifying your next trail marker before passing the one you're at (especially in the forest where it's darker and they're harder to see) and having a great time.
Trails are provided (without altitude data) in KML and GPX formats.
Use the KMZ package (which contains both trails and place marks) to view the trail in Google Earth.
Download the GPX files to import the trail into other mapping products
KMZ package for Google Earth (this will open automatically in Google Earth if you have it installed)
GPX for All Classes - Open and Intermediate 1 go around the entire trail twice
Low resolution PDF view for printing