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Bright's Farm

Bright's Farm is situated on Valley Road, Paraparaumu. It's a private working farm with mixed grazing and forestry. WATRC is priviledged to use the farm as a competition venue, and we're very grateful to the Bright family for their support.

The ride trails have varied over the years, but more recent events have followed the trail as recorded in the attached KMZ package as we've tried to make the course more palatable. The steepness of the terrain makes this a difficult course if extra time is not allowed. The Open and Intermediate classes do a little less than twice the basic course, and the additional climbs and descents are a real test of both horse and rider.
Some vital statistics may illustrate. The ride base is at about 90m above sea level. The lowest point on the trail at about 60m. The highest point on the trail is at about 425m. With the rolling hills on the lower parts of the trails you've got about 500 vertical metres up (and down again) for the Novice, Junior, and MB&T. Double that for Open and Intermediate. What this ride lacks in length, it makes up for in climbs, and it's hard work.

Conditions on the day and the season can be very important also. Long grass on the steep sections of the trail becomes very slippery in wet weather. A dry season makes the trails very hard.
Don't be put off by all that. It's a rideable trail and just needs to be approached with eyes wide open. Consider your horse's fitness and your own, and choose a class accordingly. If you're already doing Intermediate with ease, go for it, but maybe don't choose this ride for your first Open.

There is a pay-back on this course - the views of the Kapiti coast are magnificent from just aout any angle. Well worth it for that alone.
Trails are provided (without altitude data) in KML and GPX formats.
Use the KMZ package (which contains both trails and place marks) to view the trail in Google Earth.
Download the GPX files to import the trail into other mapping products
KMZ package for Google Earth (this will open automatically in Google Earth if you have it installed)
GPX for Novice, MBT and Junior (this is the basic trail)
GPX for Open and Intermediate (this is the 2nd loop only and shows the connection point with the basic trail)
Low resolution PDF view for printing