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The most recent Belmont events have been based at the Hill Road Car Park in Belmont Regional Park. There are many trails suitable for hikers, mountain bikers, and horse riders within this working farm park. Tracks are well formed and largely hazzard free, and they are very well marked. Some sections however are quite stoney, and some road sections may have loose metal. The hill tops and ridges can be quite exposed to wind, so weather preparedness is always advisable.
The profiles below show the range of elevations traversed by the two trails used in February 2010. The longer trail followed by Open and Intermediate 1 competitors is identical up to the low point at about the 18.5 km mark where it diverges onto an extension loop. The extension loop, traversed twice, takes the riders near to the summit of Boulder Hill, adding distance, along with significant additional climbs and descents to the basic trail.
From the start, the trails follow rolling roads and tracks past the gasworks before commencing a long descent into the Duck Creek valley. At the bottom there is again a section of rolling roads and tracks before commencing the 250m climb to Cannon Head. They then commence their desent to Stratton Street and almost immediately again commence a steep climb of about 200m. A gentler descent to the Open Loop turn-off in cludes a short climb over a ridge. Novice, MBT (short Intermediate) and Junior riders then return to the finish line with a further climb of about 200m
For Open and Intermediate 1 competitors the two climbs of Boulder Hill adds about 350 vertical meters to the total over an extra 9 kilometers
Trails are provided (without altitude data) in KML and GPX formats.
Use the KMZ package (which contains both trails and place marks) to view the trail in Google Earth.
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KMZ package for Google Earth (this will open automatically in Google Earth if you have it installed)