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Battle Hill

Battle Hill Farm Forest Park is a regular WATRC venue and is scheduled as the final ride of the Calendar year, a week or two before Xmas, marking the halfway point in our season. Each year the venue hosts the Rhona Fraser Challenge where the winners of each class are awarded sashes instead of the usual ribbons.


There have been variations to the course over the years. Portions of the Puketiro loop trail have always featured with a variety of extensions or a second time around for the longer classes.

In 2010, a new extension along the Fern Hill ridge towards Flighty's Road has proved to be a winnner, reducing the need to climb the Puketiro twice and pound around the hard and stoney forestry roads a second time. It's likely that this will be the trail we'll use in future. This section of the trail is on private land and we're grateful to the land owners for allowing this access.


The trails on this course vary underfoot considerably, including untracked grass, soft pineneedle covered forest trails, hard packed farm, forest and walking trails and loose metalled forestry roads. You need to be alert to the going in order to make up time in the faster classes. On the steeper downhill sections it's worth considering dismounting and leading your horse to give them a break - downhills are harder on their forelegs and shoulders, and if your horse will lead at a trot, jogging downhill is easier for you too.
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