Next event - Pikarere - Sunday 25 February 2018

Venue: For details, please see the ride poster available now.

Entries and Ride Fees: Please submit your pre-entry using this online form
Ride fees must be paid by Cash or Cheque at the ride venue on the day of the ride
Please, no ride fees by internet banking - we can't verify receipt of your payment at the venue and you will have to pay the fee again by cash or cheque at the venue

Ride day protocols for all competitors

ALL riders MUST attend briefing (8.15am and 9.15am unless otherwise specified)
NO cell phones to be used on course
       Cell phones may be carried for emergency purposes only
       Cell phones must not be used for photography or timekeeping
       Use of cell phones on course risks elimination - leave it in your pocket or pack
NO GPS or on board heart rate monitors
NO whips or spurs
NO reins longer than 3 meters or split reins
NO lead ropes (exception lead rein class)
NO gumboots. Riding boots must be worn or stirrups with cages
NO time wasting: weaving, circling or stopping while on trail. Always maintain forward motion
       You may stop to let your horse drink
Riders MUST stay mounted and maintain forward motion after crossing finish line until a vet is available to take your heart rate.

Familiarise yourself with the WATRC Ride Rules and WATRC Code of Conduct found on our Resources page 

Venue rules at all WATRC events:
No smoking on the trail or around the ride base - At some venues you may smoke in your vehicle, but use the ashtray - no butts or ash on the grounds. This rule applies regardless of weather or ground conditions.
Please note that many venues now have an absolute ban on smoking anywhere on the property. Check the ride poster, our Blog or Facebook notices or our email list.
No dogs
Pick up all rubbish, including hay and manure - leave the site clean
View directions to the venue ride base in a larger map



Approximate Distance *

 Minimum Estimated Time *


32 km

2 hrs 40

Trifekta Intermediate
(Long Intermediate)

32 km

3 hrs 15

Rural Trading Post Intermediate
(Short Intermediate)

16 km

1 hr 40


16 km

1 hr 40

Greta & Shah

16 km

2 hrs

Novice Junior

16 km

2 hrs


8 km

1 hr

Lead Rein
Rosettes sponsored by
Liz Antunovic

No class
Terrain unsuitable

No class

* Note – The above are estimates for your planning and  guidance only
Confirm your distances and times at the venue on the day
Distances above are approximate based on available information at date of publication on this site. The trail is not finally measured until it is marked, usually a week or less before the event.
Times above are estimates based on the maximum allowed average speeds for the stated distance
(Novice 8kmph - 7.5min/km, Junior and Intermediate 10kmph - 6min/km, Open 12kmph - 5min/km) rounded up to the next 5 minutes and reflect the minimum time allowed.
TBC - to be confirmed; TBA - to be advised
** When marked, additional time due to terrain and ground conditions is included in the estimates
The ride organisers may modify the course or allow extra time at their discretion.
Confirm your distances and times at the venue on the day  

To receive ride flyers, newsletters, results and announcements in your Inbox, subscribe to WATRC-News by sending email to
More information about our mailing list can be found on our Resources page.
WATRC Ride Calendar
Please note: WATRC is not affiliated to ESNZ / EnNZ. Consequently, WATRC rides will not count towards qualifying criteria for events or awards sponsored by those bodies. Riders wishing to qualify for ESNZ / EnNZ Island or National Championships will need to ride in qualifying events held by an ESNZ / EnNZ affiliated club.
Dates and/or venues are subject to change. For updates, please visit this page regularly, or subscribe to the feed
The RADRS ride calendar has been integrated for your convenience but may be subject to change without notice.
Please always check RADRS events on the RADRS website or in the RADRS Facebook Group (membership required)
Date Venue Organiser

1 October

Waikawa Beach


15 October

Hokio Beach (new venue)

cancelled due to ground conditions

29 October

Waitarere Rise *
(Premier Points)


12 November

Te Hapua


3 December

Bright's Farm *
(Premier Points)


14 January



28 January



11 February

Manakau *
(Premier Points)


25 February

Pikarere *


11 March



25 March

(reserved - tba)


8 April

WATRC Club Championships
(venue tba)

WATRC Committee

tbc - to be confirmed - dates and venues are tentative until confirmed
* denotes a premier points ride in the club's points competition
Premier Points is a stand-alone ride series with prizes awarded at Prize-giving
Premier Points rides also accumulate regular points for the separate season awards

For riders wishing to participate in ESNZ / EnNZ qualifying events within the greater Wellington region, we commend to you the Wairarapa Endurance and CTR club. The club has access to some magnificent venues and are always welcoming to new members and visitors alike.

Also, for those willing to travel a little further, or who are already handily placed, the Ruahine Endurance Club is another we commend (sorry - no working website found). Excellent venues and a warm welcome assured.

Entries: For WATRC events, please use our Online Pre-Entries Form. This form captures the information we need to process your pre-entry and allocate your ride time. If you have questions related to your entry please contact Kath Leeves on 021 150 2556 or by email
No calls or TXTs after 9:00 pm, please.
All classes except for Novice & Novice Junior must be WATRC members.
Long Intermediate & Open riders must be pre-entered by 9:00 pm on the Wednesday before the ride - no exceptions.
All riders are encouraged to pre-enter by 5:00 pm on the Friday before the ride to receive ride times.
Pre-entries received after 5:00 pm on the Friday before the ride will be automatically acknowledged but will not receive ride times and must enter on the day of the ride before 9:30 am
Entries on the day are taken for Intro, Novice, Junior and RTP Short Intermediate from 7.30am and close at 9:30 am unless otherwise advertised. 
Cancellations: Cancellations happen but are rare. We only cancel if weather conditions are going to make riding or travelling unsafe or events outside our control prevent a ride from going ahead. We will endeavour to notify of any cancellations at the earliest opportunity. Please check our Facebook page, subscribe to our email group, or check this website. Ten day forecasts and severe weather warnings can be obtained from MetService.

Please note: To reduce address harvesting by internet robots, the Entries email address on this page, and all email addresses on WATRC web pages are images, not links. You must type the address into your email software.


WATRC Ride Rules
WATRC Code of Conduct
Information for Competitors

For links to the above and more, see the Resources page
For general information about the club and rides, see also our About page
A note regarding the "Control Area"
Generally within 1 km of the finish line there will be a designated "control area", marked with a sign. From this sign, all riders must mount and remain mounted until they cross the finish line.

WATRC Entries Protocols

Pre-ride entries

Open and Long Intermediate riders must pre-enter. Other riders, please pre-enter whenever possible, as it makes the job so much easier on the day. Use our online pre-entries form or send email to:

Please note that you must be a current financial WATRC member to ride in any class except Novice or Novice Junior.

Pre entries for Open and Long Intermediate close at 9:00 pm on the Wednesday before the ride (4 days before). Pre-entries for other classes close at 5:00 pm on the Friday before the ride( 2 days before). This is to give our entries person sufficient time to prepare the necessary paperwork. Once ride out times have been given they will not be changed unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Please include the following details in your email pre-entry - your full name, your horses name, the class you want to enter & the details of your ride buddy (if you have one in mind) & any other preferences (start time etc). Please also indicate if you have a logbook or will be using a day card. This saves the entries person having to follow up for more information.

Entries on the day
are accepted only for Short Intermediate, Junior, Novice and Intro events, open at 7.30am at the ride venue, and close at 9:30am unless otherwise advertised.

To save time at the venue, we suggest you print and
complete an entry form the night before. Please fill out all your forms IN FULL. It makes the entries person's job much easier.

When you have filled out your forms, go to the person taking payment. Pay and get your bib. Make sure your time out is written on your vet card/logbook. Your time due back is your own responsibility to work out.

Early start times from 8:30 to 9:00 are reserved for Opens and Long Intermediates only. They may start later if they want, but because they have the greatest distance and the longest ride times, they get this first half hour to themselves. Short Intermediate, Juniors and Novices leave from 9:05am.

Annual Club Membership fees

Families $45
Individuals $30
Non-riding members $15

Club Ride Entry Fees

Member Non-Member
Adult $25* Adult $30*
Junior $20 Junior $30*
Non-riding members requiring hard-copy newsletters by post - $20
* Ride fees for Adults and non-members were increased by majority vote at AGM June 2014
(see minutes in Newsletter 167).
Please complete an online membership application / renewal form and pay by Internet Banking (details in the form).
Please provide an email address for newsletters to be sent to if possible - it helps keep costs down for the club.
Also please register your horse  with WATRC to be considered for our Annual Awards.

General Venue Etiquette

WATRC can only secure the generosity and cooperation of land-owners by undertaking to bring no hazards or annoyances to the venue, and ensuring the venue is left in the same condition as it was found. Please check the requirements for each venue, but also ensure you always adhere to the following rules:

  • Remove all your horse's manure from the ride base. Bring a bag or a bucket and take the manure away with you.

  • Bring water for yourself and your horse. Water is often in short supply at venues and we don't expect the land-owner to provide for our needs.

  • Dogs are not permitted at the ride base or on the trails under any circumstances.

  • Absolutely no smoking at the ride base or on the trail.

  • Leave all gates as you find them, open or closed. If closing, ensure they are properly latched

  • Horses known to kick must be marked with a red ribbon tied in their tails

  • Stallions must be marked with a blue ribbon tied in their tails and yarded at all times. Please advise the club in advance if stallions or colts will be brought to the ride venue.

  • Take all rubbish away with you. Leave the venue as you found it, or leave it cleaner.

Only by ensuring that the land-owner's experience of our events is as good as ours, can we ensure we continue to have access to the incredible riding trails of the Wellington region.

The rules regarding smoking and dogs are particularly important - please follow them at all times - we've lost venues in the past because attendees failed to follow these rules.


The Equestrian Sport New Zealand website, Endurance section "About" page has a link to the article "Getting Started in Endurance", a useful guide to preparing yourself and your horse for the new season.