Others: Info for events organisers

[Please note that the information on this section is pending final clearance/confirmation. Last updated 4 Jan 15.]

This section provides some admin information for organisers of either Palelai events or events held at Palelai about announcements, publicity, and other content creation (e.g. video, photos, webpage) via the Palelai Website and/or Facebook. 

These are efficient ways to let other Palelai visitors know about your events, so that they can part-take in the meritorious event, share the learning opportunity, find out more information from you, or so on.


Official announcements must be drafted by the Event Organisers and submitted to the Board of Members (BOM) for clearance. These announcements will be displayed on the physical notice board in front of the temple office. They will also be uploaded to the website's "welcome page" and shared on Palelai's facebook page.

You may find out more details from the BOM member you have been liasing with or from the temple office. Please note that the BOM clearance will take some time and plan ahead accordingly.

Recommended format for announcements

The announcements can either be in a word document format, or a poster (.jpg) format. You may want to double check that you have the following details, if applicable:
  • Event title
  • Date (and day of week)
  • Time
  • Venue (which part of the temple)
  • Programme/itinery (e.g. break down by time)
  • Point of contact for more information
  • All are welcome or is registration required, if so, where to obtain details and number of vacancies available. 
  • Fee, if any.
  • If there are specific members of Sangha involved and you are including details in the announcement, please double check that the salutation and name are spelled correctly and the biography is approved by the relevant parties.

Video of events

If the events are videographed and you would like to share it with others who missed the event, you are welcome to share it via Wat Palelai's youtube account. Of particular relevance are dhamma talks, especially by senior teachers, as it will be good to share the rare learning opportunity with others. Uploaded videos will be shared on Facebook as well as on the website archives if applicable (see webpage creation section below). If you have the video for sharing, please contact Ju-Lyn at meekfreak{a}gmail.com for more information. Please expect delays.

Photographs of events

If there are photographs taken from your event, and you would like to share them with those who missed the event, please select about 30-50 photographs from your event. Ensure that the photos are resized to not more than 2 MB per picture. Take note that these photos are not likely to be loaded onto the website directly (due to data space constraints) but shared either via Flickr or Facebook. Please contact Ju-Lyn at meekfreak{a}gmail.com for more info on how to transfer the files. Please expect delays.

Webpage creation

If you see need for the creation of a webpage to share content arising from your event, this may be done. The purpose is either to share dhamma content, or administrative information that will be relevant in the future (e.g. if your event is a recurrent one or unique one). A good example of a webpage arising from events is this: Phra Ajaan Suchart Abhijato Dhamma talks via Skype 2014Generally, we won't be able to provide editorial or design services, so you would have to provide it. You may want to discuss your draft content for your webpage (i.e. the plan or outline in word. document) first, by contacting Ju-Lyn at meekfreak{a}gmail.com.