Sunday Buddhist Art Course - Clay Relief Art

posted 8 Sep 2015, 02:18 by Wat Palelai   [ updated 16 Nov 2015, 20:28 by Gary Low ]
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Proposed Dates/Venue

11, 18, 25 Oct

01 Nov 2015 (Sundays)  
Time: 1 to 3 pm

Venue: Classrooms 2nd Floor, Chedi Dhammasathit Building

Target Audience/Fee

Fees: Free
Target audience: preferably 9 to 14 years old.

*Participant to bring along basic stationery (pencil/eraser etc.) and an apron



4 x 2hrs


Synopsis/Lesson Plan

Participants will use clay to create Relief Art in theme of Nature related to Buddhism. They will be introduced to Elements of Art such as Lines, Colours and Texture with understanding of Composition - Balance, Emphasis and Symmetry. Individual works will be assembled into a big major piece as shown in pics above.    


Lesson Development

-        What is self-drying clay?

-        Techniques in creating textures/relief work

-        Visual stimuli of chosen theme/subjects

-        Understanding of Colours such as Primary, Complementary, Warm/Cool Colours.

-        Using clay to create tile relief with understanding of Composition such as Balance, Emphasis and Symmetry.  

-        Step-by-step approach in layering the overlapped effects

-        Create textures/details for tiles

-        Painting/Varnishing of work

-        Assembling of individual works as a major piece

-        Final Touching up

-        Presentation of Artwork


Final Output

Well-composed Clay Relief Art to be assembled into major work