Ork Phansa & Devo Day (9 Oct 14, Thurs)

posted 18 Sep 2014, 00:36 by Wat Palelai   [ updated 25 Oct 2014, 21:24 by meek freak ]

Dear Members and Devotees,

ORK PHANSA marks the end of the rain retreat for the Sangha on Wednesday, 8th October 2014.    

On Thursday, 9th October 2014, the temple will celebrate DEVO DAY  in memory of the return of Lord Buddha from the realm of Tavatimsa where Lord Buddha spent one of his retreat after Enlightenment  to expound the Abhidhamma to His mother, Queen Maha Maya and  the Devas.

On this very day, the Resident monks will perform the DEVOROHANA ceremony and will receive food and daily requisites offered by members, devotees and well wishers during the Pindapata (Alms round)

The Resident monks and the Board of Management cordially invite you, your family and friends to join us in this meritorious event.

May the Triple Gems guide you and your family always.