Here are a list of useful websites for you to understand more about the Buddha's teachings and the Thai Forest Meditation Tradition:
1. Access to Insight
3. Phra Ajaan Maha Boowa's Teachings/Books
4. Metta Forest Monastery
5. Wat Pah Nanachat
6. Phra Ajaan Plien's website
7. Dhamma talks & works of Phra Ajaan Thanissaro Bhikkhu
8. Buddhist Publication Society Sri Lanka
9. The Pali Tipitaka (electronic version, in roman script)
10. Buddhist Channel (news about Buddhism/Buddhists around the world)
11. What Buddha Taught (collection of many Buddhist teachers' teachings)
12. Pariyatti (Buddhist Books Publisher)
13. Wikipitaka (translations of Buddhist Canon into English)
14. Directions to Wat Asokaram, Thailand
15. Forest Sangha - Phra Ajaan Chah's teachings etc
16. Any One can go to Heaven, Just Be Good - a good website for beginners of Buddhism