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Others: Palelai Pals

Palelai Pals was formed in September 2015 by a group of young adults, motivated by the practice and learning of Dhamma through activities. The objective of the youth group is to provide a platform for young adults, from the age of 15 to 35, to learn, experience and share the Dhamma.

Phra CK is the religious advisor for this youth group, and the committee comprises of the following persons:

Palelai Pals Committee

Religious Advisor: Phra Chun Kiang

Chair Person: Aung Nyen Chan Oo

2IC:   Chan Wei Jie

2IC / Treasurer: Chong Jia Ying

Assistant Treasurer: Wan Hooi Yan

Secretary: William Sze

Assistant Secretary: Chong Jia Zhen

Members: Octavia Huang, Kelvin Pung, Yulis

Facilitators: Anthony Kweh, Cindy Chang, Tan Cheng Wah